challenging religious privilege in public life

Straight Talk

Atheists Aren’t the Problem, Christian Intolerance Is the Problem

That nonbelievers somehow deserve to be discriminated against is a view widely shared, particularly among Christian conservatives.

Overpopulation: Maybe It’s Time to Offend a Few Folks

My message is clear: I recommend one child per couple to lower the population, avert future famines, and avoid wars over water.

Jesus: the man that never was

There is nothing, not a single shred of evidence – hard or soft – which even remotely corroborates Jesus’ apparently remarkable life.

Religious Psychosis – The Global Nightmare

We are collectively realizing that the costs of our religious mental inventions are, increasingly, too high a price for humanity to pay.

Why and how authoritarian evangelicals threaten Democracy

Evangelicals are not letting the next generation know anything about anything but the Church and the Bible and racism and hatred of liberals.

How corporate America invented ‘Christian America’ to fight the New Deal

Did you ever wonder why the president and members of Congress host a National Prayer Breakfast the first Thursday of each February?

Hitler Was a Christian

History is currently being distorted by the millions of Christians who lie to have us believe that the Holocaust was not a Christian deed.

Death Cult Christianity

In the last 1,700 years more than 300 captains of Christianity have announced that their god was about to lay waste to all life on…

Hitler Was NOT An Atheist

Hitler was a Roman Catholic, baptized into that religio-political institution as an infant in Austria. Its worst doctrines never left him.

The Right-Wing Doesn’t Want to Talk About Christian Atrocities, So Let’s Talk About Christian Atrocities

History is full of atrocities committed by Christians for Christ, against not just other religions but against Christian themselves.