challenging religious privilege in public life

Straight Talk

Hitler Was a Christian

History is currently being distorted by the millions of Christians who lie to have us believe that the Holocaust was not a Christian deed.

The Men Behind The War On Women

A group of men with no real background in law or medicine have quietly influenced major anti-abortion legislation over the past several years.

Enough! This Nation was NOT Founded on Christianity

It makes no sense to logically argue that America was founded on Christianity when there’s overwhelming evidence that says otherwise.

God is a myth and religion is a gigantic fraud

For ages, the thinkers, the doubters, the heretics, the intelligent scientists were foully tortured, imprisoned and murdered.

10 Reasons Christianity Makes No Sense

Let’s face it: Don’t rape people, don’t own people, don’t hate people, and don’t hurt children are kind of no-brainers when it comes to morality.

What fools we mortals be, as we allow monotheistic male dominated religions to control our destiny

The urgency for secular sanity that points to governments not impacted by religious dominance has never been so great.

Why is linking population growth to environmental stress politically taboo?

So complete is human domination of earth that scientists use the term “Anthropocene” to describe a new geological epoch.

How European true identity was destroyed when Christianity moved in

Europe is a continent that for centuries has given birth to many notable cultures, ethnic traditions and civilizations.

The Bible is Fiction: A Collection of Evidence

The similarities between the stories and characters in the Bible and those from previous mythologies are both undeniable and well-documented.

Logic Disproves All-Merciful God

Reason – logical thinking by intelligent minds – proves clearly that the compassionate, all-powerful god of religion cannot exist.