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The Catholic Church is headed for another sex abuse scandal as #NunsToo speak up

It is clear the sexual abuse of women, children and vulnerable adults has been normalised in Catholic clerical culture.

3 Ways Christianity Was Largely Responsible For The Holocaust

While Christianity wasn’t the sole catalyst for the Holocaust, there is no doubt that Christianity set the stage for the Holocaust to happen.

One Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language

The priest, Diego de Landa, wiped out all knowledge of the written language, and nearly destroyed the spoken language too.

How local wise-women who carried on ancient traditions were exterminated by Christianity

The church likes to pretend that “only a few hundred thousand” were murdered, but secular sources estimate as many as nine million.

Remarried couples should abstain from sex, Philadelphia Catholic church says

Archbishop Charles Chaput also states that gay Catholics should not be allowed to hold "positions of responsibility" in the parish.

Senior Vatican Cardinal warns ‘demonic’ transgender rights are causing the ‘death of God’

A Vatican cardinal has warned lawmakers in the United States that trans people are “demonic” and gay unions are a danger to society.

Religion, the Oldest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Human History

The religious weapon keeps totalitarian regimes in power, and together they keep the majority of the people in the world poor and ignorant.

The Great Scandal: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of the Nazis

A growing body of scholarly research reveals a convoluted pattern of religious failure in which atheism and the nonreligious played little role.

Red Cross and Vatican helped thousands of Nazis to escape

The Red Cross and the Vatican both helped thousands of Nazi war criminals and collaborators to escape after the second world war.

3 Examples of 20th Century Catholic Church Atrocities

Surprisingly few know that Nazi extermination camps in World War II were by no means the only ones in Europe at the time.