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3 Examples of 20th Century Catholic Church Atrocities

Surprisingly few know that Nazi extermination camps in World War II were by no means the only ones in Europe at the time.

The Vatican’s Ban on Contraception: What Really Happened at Vatican II and How It Affects Us Today

Beyond its impact on the church, Humanae Vitae has dramatically impacted the health of Catholics and non-Catholics around the world.

When Did the Catholic Church Decide Priests Should Be Celibate?

The Church was a thousand years old before it definitively took a stand in favor of celibacy in the 12th century at the Second Lateran…

The Top 5 Scariest Things Catholic Bishops Have Said About Women

I wish this were a story in the Onion. But it’s not. The Catholic bishops’ attack on women is so outrageous, it’s hard to believe…

Why Is Papal Authority Threatened by Population Growth Control?

The proposed solutions to population growth threaten the continued existence of the church as it has evolved over the past 2000 years.

Vatican, Sicily, France, India, Australia, Mexico – A Spotlight on Pope Francis Enabling Sex Abuse

Francis is enabling the clerical sex abuse of children by appointing and refusing to remove bishops with terrible histories of aiding abuse.

Catholic Archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women ‘not obeying men’

A Roman Catholic Archbishop has caused fury in Spain by saying domestic violence happens because “women do not obey men”.

How the Catholic Church Threatens the Future of Life on Earth

The most unethical thing going on now with one of the monotheisms, Catholicism, is opposition to the use of contraception.

The Role of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia’s Holocaust

During WWII in Yugoslavia, Catholic priests were willing accomplices in the genocide of the nation's Serbian, Jewish and Roma population.

The continuing demise of ‘Catholic’ Ireland

This “Catholic” Ireland, with all its ingrained sexism, misogyny, violence, cruelty and creepiness, is fading away, but not fast enough.