Why the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years while all other tyrannies have failed

By Stephen D. Mumford, DrPH | 1 August 2012
Church and State

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This excerpt has been adapted from Chapter 7 of our Chairman Dr. Stephen D. Mumford’s book, American Democracy and the Vatican: Population Growth and National Security (1984). The book is available at Kindle here and to read for free here.

With the recent advances of medicine that have allowed embryo trans­fers, test-tube babies, and artificial insemination, many Americans have been perplexed by the Catholic Church’s strong negative responses to these advances, given the Church’s so-called pro-life posi­tion. However, Americans should not be perplexed.

The Church claims that such conceptions are against “natural” law, and great pains are taken to defend this doctrine with elaborate theological reasoning, all of it sheer nonsense. There is a different reason for its opposition. The very existence of the Church is threat­ened by these advances. How?

The Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy under absolute and infallible leadership. The Church claims and actually exercises sovereignty over nearly 800 million Catholics. It has a system of law called “canon law,” and, in the “domain” in which the claim of sover­eignty is made, canon law is applied. Yet, the Catholic hierarchy exer­cises this sovereignty without the direct use of force, armies, police, or weapons. How is this possible?

Instead of using physical weapons, the Church uses psychic weap­ons. The most extreme case was discussed in chapter four: the threat of excommunication. Over the centuries, the Church devised an elabo­rate system of controls that rely nearly completely upon “psychic terrorism.” The concepts of morals and sins which can only be forgiven by certain members of the hierarchy are examples of controls. Of course, it is purported that both have as their ends “goodness,” and adherents believe this. Yet, some thoughtful people recognize other “ends,” including the maintenance of the power of the Catholic hierarchy and the enhancement and advancement of this power.

All tyrannies in human history that relied upon force have disap­peared. Reliance upon force made them conspicuously evil, and people inevitably rose up and destroyed them. What distinguishes the tyranny of the Catholic Church is its explanation of its actions in terms of “virtue.” With the help of great numbers of priests and nuns (today numbering more than one million), the Church has sold the concept of these morals and other controls. Through the Vatican’s constant presentation of the Church’s actions as “virtuous,” recognition of the Church as a tyrant has been thwarted. Characterizing all actions in terms of “goodness” has allowed this tyranny to survive for nearly two thousand years while all others have failed. The effectiveness of the Vatican in convincing the world of the “virtue” of these morals and other controls is best exhibited by American acceptance of the incredi­ble new claim of papal infallibility in the 1870s, despite the fact that it was obviously a move to maintain vast power in the Vatican. It is almost inconceivable that Americans would have accepted this obvious grab for power. (Currently only 50 percent of Catholic Ameri­cans believe in the papal claim of infallibility.) The Catholic hierarchy has been appropriately described as a cabal of power that moves under the guise of benevolence. How could this be possible in America?

The pope and the Vatican promote only the most obedient and loyal priests to positions of authority in the hierarchy. It is an exten­sive review process for promotion of only the most conditioned and indoctrinated. Those who are not are culled as quickly as possible. Hans Kung and Father Drinan are examples. This process assures maintenance of the tyranny but at the same time “changes or adjust­ments from within” are made most difficult or impossible. In general, this highly obedient hierarchy tells its American priests in great detail what to believe. Usually, the parish priest has no strong inclination toward heretical belief inasmuch as he is the product of the Catholic educational system. A glance at any biographical list of prominent Catholic clergy shows how few of them ever stray from the Catholic educational system.

Since the Vatican has no military apparatus or personnel to physi­cally impose its laws (canons) and maintain and expand its power, it must control its communicants through their minds and through social action. To accomplish this, they use their control over their priests, including American priests.

The Vatican has drawn up a set of rules (morals) by which all must abide. Since the hierarchy had to rely upon more than one million subordinates to ensure that the laity abided by these rules, they had to make these rules simple. The “end” desired by the Church was to out-reproduce non-Catholics everywhere, and many of the rules or laws (morals) of the Church are devoted to this purpose.

To ensure that these rules are enforceable, they made them both simple and absolute. They related to sterilization, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, prostitution, masturbation, and so forth. No exceptions were allowed or ever entertained. Absolutism. With this modality, the Church cannot afford the luxury of exceptions. With interpretations, rules break down.

Dr. Stephen Mumford is the founder and President of the North Carolina-based Center for Research on Population and Security. He has his doctorate in Public Health. His principal research interest has been the relationship between world population growth and national and global security. He has been called to provide expert testimony before the U.S. Congress on the implications of world population growth.

Dr. Mumford has decades of international experience in fertility research where he is widely published, and has addressed conferences worldwide on new contraceptive technologies and the stresses to the security of families, societies and nations that are created by continued uncontrolled population growth. Using church policy documents and writings of the Vatican elite, he has introduced research showing the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church as the principal power behind efforts to block the availability of contraceptive services worldwide.

In addition to his books on biomedical and social aspects of family planning, as well as scientific articles in more than a score of journals, Dr. Mumford’s major works include American Democracy and the Vatican: Population Growth and National Security (Amherst, New York: Humanist Press, 1984), The Pope and the New Apocalypse: The Holy War Against Family Planning (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Center for Research on Population and Security, 1986), and The Life and Death of NSSM 200: How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Center for Research on Population and Security, 1996).

During the formative years of the World Health Organization (WHO), broad consensus existed among United Nations member countries that overpopulation is a grave public health threat and would be a major cause of preventable death not too far in the future. One of the founding fathers of the WHO, the late Milton P. Siegel, speaks to Dr. Mumford in 1992. He explains how the Vatican successfully stymied the incorporation of family planning and birth control into official WHO policy. This video is available for public viewing for the first time. Read the full transcript of the interview here.

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    • It is a one-sided, poor reasoning, that has nothing to do with why the only organization on earth, religious and secular, still stands, Christ the Lord, for whom human reasoning is foolishness.

    • It's depressing to see all these comments by indoctrinated ppl…yes it's a great article. And if more ppl wud research the bible and their religion they wud c that it's a giant hoax. Took me 35 yrs to realize this.

      • Really sorry that you think it's a hoax, Pamela. The day of the Lord is at hand, and just how once the coming of the messiah was completely unexpected, it will be so again. Thus the word spoken to Isaiah becomes fulfilled yet again, that the people will have ears and not listen, not comprehend, have eyes but won't see, etc. Lest the people repent and not receive their end for unfaithfulness. Really, what is the worth of human knowledge? Nothing more than a gross imitation of the things established through the word of God to people that live by faith, which in turn make traditions to follow for the unity and single mind for the generations to come. What are prisons? aren't they man's way of creating hell on earth, to give men that don't live by the established law, punishment? What is patriotism? isn't it a surge of pride for their society, and for what it stands for? what are judges? aren't they people that execute perfect judgement to maintain justice? What are laws? aren't they kept to maintain order?

        You can thank God the father, and the messiah, that we don't find ourselves submerged in a different culture! Hopefully and thankfully, your family never sacrificed your sibling to a strange god, thankfully we don't live in a society where sexual abuse is considered a demand of the gods! thankfully we don't live in a society where we copulate with animals! thankfully we don't live in a society where people are tortured as part of games. Thankfully we don't eat children, Thankfully we don't live in a world where we honor and bow low to political leaders considering them a god. Thankfully we have a conscience!

        While the world indulged themselves in barbaric and gruesome practices, the light of the world prior to the messiah was Israel, and we know what's light from darkness because the nations emulated Israel's laws and holy feasts, and carved each their own gross imitation of what was deemed correct. Christ came and established his church, not only did he come to redeem us but to become a teacher to the barbaric nations, TO deepen the understandings of the children of light, which was Israel after their punishments for their sins. This is why the Roman Catholic church has lasted 2,000 years. Because we are the fruit of love, the fruit of understanding, established on a deeper understanding of life, and eternity. Why we pray for our enemies, because we don't wish to see anyone in the tortures of prison, but see their conversion. We are called to experience a love for God, through our faith and learning of becoming the light of the world. Through benevolence, through caring, through giving your life for others. Not inspired by a political motive as it was the downfall of Israel. As you can see, you have a lot to learn Pamela, to understand faith, is to know where you came from and where you are

  1. Why the church has survived for 2000years because GOD himself said:
    "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."
    Matthew 16:18

  2. The Roman church could get away with that when people were less educated, and not so exposed to democracy as they are now. Even today, the places where the Roman church is growing are undeveloped nations. People who know how to question the dictates of the Roman Church are leaving … there will always be enough 'cultural' catholics to keep the Church going, but its influence and power will diminish. There are now many who put the teachings of Christ over the teachings of any pope and the teachings of Christ are what cannot be assailed by hell … not the power guys in the church.

    • The reason why the Catholic Church has been excising for so many years is not because people were/are ignorant, as you refer to "less educated". The catholic leaders are just instruments used by God to help this corrupted world be lead. Because of the time period we are in today, and the liberal movement that has been going on, men feels superior, and wiser. This “know it all behavior" is just an act of rebellion, to make us feel like we are in control of our own life. The truth is, and I mean no disrespect. That taking the wheel of your own life will sooner or later lead to an accident. If you really desire to live with Christ, you must live through him. God sent Christ to die for everybody sins, as a way for us to start over. And as you know he died and resurrected on the third day. After, Christ announced to his followers that he was leaving but that the Holy Spirit would be sent to protect all. The Holy Spirit came and empowered specific leaders, giving them knowledge and the ability to speak in different tongues. The Pope and Fathers are current leaders that have followed our ancestor’s steps, to continue spreading the religion, for the better of all. You should consider the pope to be a connection between you and God, as for he has studied the mandates God want us to do. How can you say you believe in Christ if you don't believe in his church? It makes no sense to say you follow Christ if you don't follow his mandates, and those mandates have been written down for us in the bible. The Pope and there leaders have done the hard work by studying these mandates and braking them down for people like us to understand. Just like the Roman Catholic Church did many years ago by showing people of different culture, language, and ethnicity: paintings to teach the public, in a way that they could understand. It is no coincidence that the Roman Church has existed for more than 2,000 years. Just as people think they know more than God now, people like this existed many years ago, as well. The Catholic Church will not diminish. He gives us rain, and our flowers grow, he sends us heat from the sun to keep us warm. Everything he says is done and done as he commands. The Catholic Church will thrive because that is what he mandated, that is what he wished and like everything else he blesses us with, it will follow through.


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