Tenn. pastor: Mass shootings due to schools teaching evolution

    By Brett Wilkins | 17 December 2012
    Digital Journal

    A Tennessee pastor’s Sunday sermon posited that mass shootings are on the increase because schools are teaching young Americans “junk about evolution” and “how to be a homo.”

    Pastor Sam Morris of the Old Paths Baptist Church warned his congregation that Sunday’s sermon “will not be pleasant” before launching into a tirade about how the removal of Christian values from American classrooms was to blame for the wave of mass shootings that has plagued the United States in recent decades.

    “We get all up in arms about 20 children being shot in a day care but we don’t give one good-glory rip about the 4,000 that were removed violently from the wombs of their mothers the same day,” Morris railed, referring to the thousands of abortions performed daily across the nation.

    I believe they use children and Christmas and all that to pull on our heart strings about gun control,” he continued. “That’s what it’s all about.”

    Morris blasted equal rights as “equal immorality” and said that Americans should expect more mass shootings in the future because they have “kicked God out of schools.”

    “Why do you still send your kids to the government schools?” Morris asked. “What’s behind this shooting that we saw on December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut and the other ones like it? Well, number one, deception… I got news for you. When you kicked God out of schools, you’re going to be judged for that.”

    Morris said that the “humanism” taught in schools today instilled Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza with the belief that he was God and could “just go blow away anybody he wants.”

    “When I got in high school, man, I started learning all this kingdom, phylum stuff, all this junk about evolution,” Morris continued. “And I want to tell you what evolution teaches– here’s the bottom line– that you’re an animal. That’s what it teaches. So, you’re an animal, you can act like an animal. Amen.”

    Morris did not elaborate on which species of animals besides human beings commit mass murder.

    “So here you are, you’re an animal, and you’re a god,” the pastor continued. “So, what are we going to teach you about in school? Well, we can teach you about sex, we can teach you how to rebel [against] your parents, we can teach you how to be a homo! But we’re definitely not going to teach you about the word of God. Amen.”

    Morris also suggested that gun control actually causes more gun massacres.

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