Democrat Says Given US Unemployment, Overcrowding, Another Amnesty Now Would Be Real Chutzpah

By Donald A. Collins | 7 April 2013

(Credit: Makaristos / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

The latest employment figures for March showed only 88,000 new jobs and unemployment in Europe hit 12%. Passing another amnesty, now dubbed Comprehensive Immigration Reform or CIR, represents a level of chutzpah that even the most liberal members of Congress might see as politically unwise.

I am a Democrat—formerly moderate Republican (pre Nixon!) driven from that party by its continuing stupidity on several issues, including its denial of women’s reproductive rights.

Thus, as a Democrat, I voted for Obama for his second term well aware of his burgeoning insensitivity to all Americans, epitomised by his promised push for Amnesty. Remember, in 1986, Congress approved Amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens, which resulted in the estimated present total of 11-20 million. Enforcement was promised then, as it is being promised now, but of course was never implemented. So here we are back at Square One.

Why was I so naive? Because I felt giving this charismatic half-African American President another term hopefully would allow discussion of this racially-charged issue without the constant ad hominem attacks by some Open Border proponents on all opposition as “racist”.

Well, we COULD now with impunity go beyond such name-calling.

Will future choices for President or any high political office be based on prospective performance, not on racial guilt? Certainly not altogether: tribalism is an established fact of human nature—Read E.O. Wilson’s essay  Why Humans, Like Ants, Need a Tribe, Newsweek, April 12, 2012. [ Note: See also E. O. Wilson—Nationalist? by F. Roger Devlin.]

But this charge of racism has so intimidated most Americans that they can’t seem to rise up to confront the obvious absurdity of our present immigration debate. So the current caterwauling about the need for Open Borders and more cheap labor and more so-called social justice for aliens here illegally continues—especially (alas) from Democrats who see their majority stretching infinitely into the future.

Recently, it occurred to me—as I live in what one poll recently named as the most vehicular traffic impacted city in the US—that my fellow urbanites, who comprise the majority of the population, might at last realize what decades of unrestrained, unneeded immigration into our country has wrought. Surely Americans of all colors, creeds and political commitments can now FEEL the crowding to untenable levels in our cities, the sickening slurbism of our suburbs. The list of growing indignities is long and depressing.

Of course, to one at my age, over 80, that vast change is shockingly apparent.

And now we are constantly being told that present trends will ensure the addition of another huge dollop of people. For example, as a Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) study by Jack Martin and Stanley Fogel reported that immigration could increase our population from its present level—312 million (2010 US Census Report)— to 500 million by 2050. PDF

Folks, we must start to project what such vast immigrant importation means—an increasingly hapless future, when today’s crowding and economic discomfort will seem like halcyon days much sooner than 2050.

The bottom line: Feeling the increasing inconvenience of sheer numbers among us. This overcrowding has long been studied in both the human and animal realms. It does not lead to happy endings.

substantial majority of Americans has long felt and understood the truth of that conclusion. Will they let their elected officials hear their voices this time?

Surprise! I am betting they will. And the few stalwart elected officials in Congress who “get it” will not be shy in making their will known. Talking up another Amnesty in this climate will prove a route to political suicide.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC., has spent over 40 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013.

From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013

By Donald A. Collins
Publisher: Church and State Press (July 30, 2014)
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  1. Any politician who votes for Amnesty will not get my vote and that is a fact. I am a Democrat, as were several generations of my family, and I havent voted Democrat since Obama ran for office as president. AND I wont vote for Hillary Clinton either. She needs to quit shielding Obama and come clean about Benghazi, either that or be jailed for her role in it, as Obama should be jailed for TREASON.

  2. Been against amnesty is not racism, it is common sense. I have read S 744 and as a Hispanic immigrant myself, I do not like it and I will do all I can to stop it. It is amnesty, because it give legality to illegals right away, the green card later and citizenship at the end. It favors one country, over many others, just because most of the illegals here are from Mexico. It brings more people to work here at a time of high unemployment and this are just few of the things that are very wrong with this bill.
    What we need is the enforcement we were promised on 1986 and never happened, this people need to go home and stand in real lines at their countries of origin, just like we have done, to earn the rights they are now demanding without justification. We need to make e-vitrify mandatory nation wide, with penalties and jail to those who choose to ignore the laws, we need to end automatic citizenship to the children of illegals and all the benefits they get through them, we need to end all the incentives that bring them here, at tax payers expense, and regardless of what you said, they will leave, because they will have no choice.


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