Joni Ernst: Repeal Obamacare And Cut Food Stamps And Force People To Rely On The Church For Help

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 18 October 2014
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Republican candidate Joni Ernst.
Republican candidate Joni Ernst. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

The Iowa Senate race is one of the closest in the nation so it stands to reason that insulting and attacking a large portion of the population would be a stupid move. But that’s what Republican candidate Joni Ernst has been doing.

During a Q&A session with reporters, Ernst called for repealing Obamacare, abolishing the Department of Education, and slashing food stamps at the Des Moines Conservative Breakfast Club in 2013. Her solution to healthcare and not starving if she succeeds in doing so? Forcing people to rely on the church for help.

We have to take a good, hard look at entitlement programs. We’re looking at Obamacare right now. Once we start with those benefits in January, how are we going to get people off of those? It’s exponentially harder to remove people once they’ve already been on those programs. We have lost a reliance on not only our own families, but so much of what our churches and private organizations used to do. They used to have wonderful food pantries. They used to provide clothing for those that really needed it, but we have gotten away from that. Now we’re at a point where the government will just give away anything. We have to stop that.

You can listen to the audio via Iowa Public Radio by clicking here.

In addition, Ernst claimed that a “whole generation of people rely on the government to provide absolutely everything for them,” which mirrors Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” claim from 2012. “It’s going to take a lot of education to get people out of that. It’s going to be very painful and we know that,” Ernst added.

As you’ll recall, this frivolous claim largely cost Romney the election that year, and it should cost Ernst her own election this year. Sure, families could seek charity, but private organizations and churches are not hospitals and as most of us know, healthcare is costly. That why we have health insurance, which is now more accessible thanks to Obamacare. Telling the poor to seek medical help from a church is inadequate and cruel. Most churches and private charities just do not have the resources to care for so many. People would end up being turned away.

Also, people don’t use food stamps because they want to, they use them because they have no other choice. Again, charities and churches are not equipped to deal with the number of people in this country who are hungry. But the government is. Furthermore, if Ernst really wants to reduce the number of people who seek government aid, the best solution would be to raise the minimum wage in order to lift millions of Americans out of poverty, but Ernst opposes that idea, even though it would mean people could actually afford to purchase their own healthcare and buy their own food without government assistance.

The fact is, Joni Ernst is heartless like her fellow conservatives. They are obsessed with taking healthcare, food, and education away from people, which will only cause more problems rather than solving them. It’s a backwards path that is bad for Americans and for Iowans.

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  1. People are dying from lack of health care. People are homeless due to lack of psychological services. Help these people and they will get jobs and be productive members of American society.
    People lose transportation, and this jobs over $10 sometimes, and then become homeless.
    How do you sleep on the streets and then go in for a job interview, with no address to put on the application, no phone number?

  2. If only 10% of the people that attended church would pay their tithes. Their would be no world hunger! Where are our giving saints. Ernst is believing in a pipe dream. Your tax cuts for the filthy rich and big corporations have drained our treasury. Now you are looking to pay our bills by robbing the rest of us. The GOP way and we as voters fall for this BS every time

  3. I have a very hard time dealing with people who claim to be “Christians”, and then live their lives diametrically opposed to those teachings.
    Churches should NOT be tax free, and many function more as “big businesses” than being houses of faith.
    As far as the Affordable Care Act/Obama Care is concerned Republicans have stripped it of much of the help it provided Americans, when they should have in the last ten years worked to improve it.
    Then they vote to give themselves and the rich a unwarranted tax break and crumbs to a few in the middle class who seem to be happy with that as long as they got more, but have no regard for others, or America as a whole.
    Everyone better not only vote but help register others, drive people to the polls, phone bank, lawn signs, door knock, donate if one can, and anything else to remove trump and Republican Senators, and Representatives, to make a effort to save this country.
    We no longer live in a democracy. We are living in a oligarchy with a president who has obvious mental issues.
    All people who are elected to the presidency should be required to have a mental exam by a team of psychiatrists before they are allowed to take the oath, and periodically thereafter, just as they have a annual physical.
    Vote blue !

  4. A hungry and sick nation is a weak nation. Stop giving billions to corrupt nation’s stop giving billions to countries to use for weapons that will cause death and destruction to innocent lives


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