GOP lawmaker: Americans Should Rely On Jesus For Healthcare

    By Kyle Mantyla | 19 December 2014
    Right Wing Watch

    Gordon James Klingenschmitt on his PIJN News program (Screenshot)

    Gordon Klingenschmitt is excited about a recent Fox News poll that claims that 58 percent of Americans want to repeal Obamacare, declaring on his “Pray In Jesus Name” program recently that people ought to be relying on God for their healthcare.

    Citing a passage from Exodus 15, Klingenschmitt asserted that God will protect people from disease so long as they obey His commands and said that Americans “ought to look to the Lord for our healthcare.”

    “I personally prefer to look to almighty God as my healer and not to the government as a substitute god or substitute healer,” he said, before praying that this nation would “repent of worshiping President Obama as if he is a god”:

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      • That was Mother Teresa's belief: sickness is from sin; you deserved it; you only deserve hospice care, not good pain relief or curative treatment — and those beliefs make her a saint in the eyes of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, in the eyes of every actual health care worker in the world, she was a sadistic — and a hypocrite as well, because when her health began to fail, she sought out actual curative and palliative care. Oh, but she's been beatified. Horrific action by the RCC. Lionizing and teaching people to be sadistic withholders of care.

    1. So now we worship Pres OBama? These fundamentalists are letting their politics get in front of their Christianity. I can't feel too sorry for them. They worship FAUX News, then speak these silly lies….and what's sad, is their sheeple will drop their insurance to follow their lies.

      • Yeah, that's a new one. They used to just say "Obama is the Anti-Christ". Now "Them bad people worship Obama as God"? Guess they gotta try out new abusive phrases every so often, to see if they'll catch on, to see which lies will help them more in the next PR campaign.

    2. I his remarks is the thinly veiled message that if you are sick, it’s because you displeased God in some way. This message has caused so much pain and suffering spiritually for many people struggling with illness. As a hospice chaplain, I too often have to attempt to repair this damaging message given to terminally ill people.


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