Just As We Suspected: Plenty Of Child P*rn Found At The Vatican

    By Shannon Barber | 5 February 2015
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    Child sex abuse scandals have long plagued the Roman Catholic Church. Despite (supposed) efforts to clean up the pedophilia problem, it still persists. Well, here is yet another chapter to the scandal: LOADS of child pornography, including images, videos, and everything in between, has been found within the walls of the Vatican. This, of course, comes as no surprise to anyone who sees the Roman Catholic Church as the child-abusing religious cult and protector of pedophiles that it is.

    Vatican Promoter of Justice (ironic title, that, considering how little justice happens there) Gian Piero Milano released a 50-page report detailing the images and videos of child abuse found in Vatican City. Vatican officials heard it in full at a ceremony at the beginning of its judicial year. In true Catholic cover-up fashion, Milano did not actually name names of people accused of possessing child pornography. However, in an unusual display of decency, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused.

    Previously, there have been reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts, but also of his molesting numerous children in Poland and the Dominican Republic. Now, you’d think this would be enough for this guy to be UNDER the jail, but no. As always, the Vatican protects its own. The high-ranking Catholic official, despite the disgusting and heinous nature of his crimes, is being protected under house arrest at the Vatican. The only reason for the house arrest is the fact that word got out that he was allowed to roam free after he was quietly whisked away from the Dominican Republic and back to the Catholic city-state by Vatican officials in order to avoid prosecution there.

    Now, to what was actually found on Wesolowski’s computer — I warn you, the descriptions are stomach-turning. There were more than 160 videos of teenaged boys being forced to masturbate for the camera and perform sex acts on one another. In addition, the boys were raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults, as well. Wesolowski was tedious and protective of his child porn collection, filing more than 86,000 images into categories in locked folders. In addition to the images and videos present on the computer, at least 45,000 others had already been deleted. Further, the good Archbishop wanted to make sure he wasn’t without a stash of child porn while traveling, so he took a laptop along on his trips containing even more images and videos.

    This is disgusting, but, as we all know, nothing new from the Catholic Church. While I know that rank-and-file Catholics condemn this behavior, as all decent people do, I must ask you this: how on earth can you sleep at night while you continue to tithe, attend, and otherwise support a criminal organization that has always protected the pedophiles in its ranks, shuttling them from parish to parish so that they can continue to rape children with impunity, and continues to do so? How can you think that such an organization knows anything about being a guide to morals and right living?

    Sorry, but it is truly baffling. I really wish that there would be a mass exodus from this place, and all the pedophiles and their enablers and protectors would be rounded up and jailed with the keys thrown away. I won’t hold my breath on that one, though.

    H/T: Progressive Secular Humanist at Patheos

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    1. Why is the word 'porn' spelleds out as 'p*rn'. Isn't it still the same thing, the same word? How silly.

    2. He cant hail Mary his way out of this EVER! What they did and do to children is the unforgivable sin! If he did not know it was a crime or even a sin then he does not even know his own faith in Christ! Jesus spoke openly that NO ONE is to harm Children and it says in book of revelations that the sexually immoral is going to burn in the lake of fire and especially the liars!! He is lying that he didn't know he is a liar and a pervert! God will judge those who LIE and say they believe in Christ! This I promise you!



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