“Whose Choice?” A Pro-Abortion Film (VIDEO)

In 1990 this powerful film entitled “Whose Choice?” was produced, advocating the need to keep abortion services safe, early and widely available for all American women.

It vividly recalls the deplorable conditions which prevailed before the historic Supreme Court decision of Roe versus Wade, which allowed abortion on demand beginning in January, 1973. This decision motivated widespread anti-abortion activities by those against choice including the murder of some providers.

Further, many state and local laws have been enacted making safe, early abortions harder to obtain, especially for poorer, younger women.

The original version of this film was aired on Turner Broadcasting System in prime time on September 21, 1992 just before the Clinton/Bush election that November. It was further shown on hundreds of community TV stations across the United States.

Then in 2002 the film was reissued featuring a timely message at the beginning from the President of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Reverend Carlton W. Veasey, standing in front of the US Supreme Court. This 2nd version was distributed via his affiliates all over the US. In his statement he deplored the continuing attacks by those who would restrict women’s reproductive freedom so many years after the Court decision.

Now, it’s 2015, over 40 years after Roe. The 3rd version of the film you are about to see remains at its core as relevant today as when it was first made. Sadly, the War on Women continues with onerous, unnecessary, and expensive impediments to abortion choice foisted on providers and women.

Host: Sarah Weddington
Presented by: The Communications Resources Foundation and The International Services Assistance Fund
Director: Steven Channing
Producer: Windfield Best
Production Company: Video Dialog Inc.

Participating Organizations

Alan Guttmacher Institute
American Association of University Women
California Abortion Rights Action League – South
California Republicans for Choice
Catholics for Choice
Comision Femenil de Los Angeles
Feminist Majority
Multicultural Alliance for Reproductive Freedom
National Abortion Rights Action League
National Organization for Women
North Carolina Abortion Rights Action League
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood of New York City
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
Students Organizing Students

In 1972, Sarah Weddington, then a 26-year-old attorney, appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court and successfully argued Roe v. Wade.

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  1. I would share this if it didn’t say ProAbortion. No one is for Abortions. We are for the freedom to choose. This is a Pro Choice film. Please label it as such! I am forever grateful for my one child. And the choices that made that possible.

    • Prefer pro choice. Today the anti choice crowd will tell you no abortions and no birth control (best antiabortion policy along with sex ed and a social safety net). Tomorrow they will force you to get an abortion (slip something in your food or drink or say the pills are for pain) and then sterilize you. Something out of a fictional future dystopia? No. Something out of history (eugenics movement) and today’s headlines (sterilize immigrant women). All life is precious but some more than others, especially if it is unborn. Their concern for the unborn is never matched for those killed by starvation, disease or violence.

  2. Everyone saying “no one is pro abortion,” I AM. Encourage it whenever possible and offer rides to the clinic when necessary. Too many people on the planet already.

    • You are correct. People have been intimidated to the point they are even afraid to say they're pro-abortion. When we have to walk on tip-toe regarding the simple wording of something, we know something is wrong with our right to free speech.

  3. The 2020 election went well enough (two prochoice candidates will soon occupy the highest office in the land) but too early to sit back and celebrate. My suggestion is to give to one of the many funds that make up http://www.abortionfunds.org. I give to http://www.nmrcrc.org. They help defer the costs of travel, room and board and even medical procedures for women that have to travel out of town and often out of state to exercise their rights. I suggested to various prochoice and feminist groups that supporters should pool their money a purchase small piston prop aircraft to fly women out of restrictive states (South, Mountain West, lower Mid West, Utah) to less restrictive ones (West Coast, upper Mid West, Northeast, New Mexico). Also pay for pilot training, fuel, insurance and hanger rentals. 10k supporters donating $1k each could raise $10m.


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