Fox Guest: Atheists Shouldn’t Run For President Because They Lack ‘A Set Of Core Beliefs’

    By Elisabeth Parker | 27 April 2015
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    Did GOP presidential hopefuls “toe the line” on “social issues” enough at this weekend’s Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit? Of course they did. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and others barely seem to need any wax lyrical on the evils of women’s rights and marriage equality.

    But the enquiring minds at Fox & Friends really want to know, so they brought in their religion contributor Father Jonathan Morris just to make sure. And, to sum things up, Morris claims atheists shouldn’t run for president because “it’s hard to trust” someone who doesn’t fear eternal damnation. That’s right. Without the fear of divine punishment looming over your head, it’s impossible to know right from wrong or have any morals or values whatsoever.

    In Father Morris’ mind, the folks who spoke at the Faith and Freedom summit must surely be the real deal, because you can’t fake religion.

    “One thing is very certain, you can’t fake religion. Politicians sometimes fall into that, I think. What matters most to us Americans — those who will be voting — is what these guys said before they were running for president, the way in which they lived before they started running for president.”

    Gee, their brand of Christianity seems awfully “fake” to anyone who has actually read what Jesus Christ said in the Bible, but whatevs. Morris explains that if a candidate’s faith is genuine, people will trust him them even if they disagree with them. Because that’s worked so well for Barack Obama.

    “I think they need to be very clear about the values they believe in, not making stuff up in order to get votes. And then people will say, ‘Even if I disagree with some of his beliefs, I like the fact that I can trust him to be who he says he is.’”

    And for Morris, have strong moral values means believing in a wrathful sky god who will punish you for doing wrong. Because that proved so effective in preventing born-again Christian George W. Bush from declaring war on false pretenses, torturing people, and destroying an entire country just so we could steal their oil.

    “It’s a belief in God, it’s a belief that there are eternal consequences for your actions. And I think that a leader that doesn’t have that — a set of core beliefs that help him to make justice an important part of his life and his decisions because he knows that there are eternal consequences, well, it’s somebody that it’s hard to trust.”

    It never seems to occur to conservatives that people will do the right thing without threat of punishment.

    Fox Host Peter Johnson Jr. then asked Morris if he thought an atheist would make a good president, but Morris delicately sidestepped the question.

    “You know, I would say faith is not the most important thing, but wisdom. But yes, it certainly makes a difference who that person is.”

    Because in Morris’ book, wisdom’s more important than faith, but if you want to run for president, you’d be wise to proclaim your faith.

    Morris explains why an atheist shouldn’t run for president.

    Here’s the video from Fox & Friends with footage from the Faith and Freedom Summit and Morris sharing in thought on Christian moral values.

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    1. What illogical reasoning. Turn it around and one could say a Christian could not be trusted because they could lie cheat etc and then ask forgiveness later to be saved for the after life.

    2. My morals are far better than any religitard I know. Most of them won't associate with me because my standards and expectations are too high for them. Unlike religitards, I can't be absolved of my wrongdoings with a fictitious skydaddy so I choose to live a decent life.

    3. Exactly WHO IS this "Father Morris" ?? It really doesn't matter, because his ordination did not confer intelligence upon him (obviously). Nevertheless, he is wearing a Roman collar, so I am curious… is he really a Roman Catholic priest , or a pretender. And if he IS…is he a diocesan priest, or a member of a religious Order? If diocesan, what diocese does he belong to, and is his Bishop "on board" with the PUBLIC POLITICAL position this man is taking "on behalf of the Church" ?

    4. It's a testimony to the brainwashing process that Father Morris can make these statements and have every reason to expect to be believed.


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