Bill Nye Goes On CNN And Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans: ‘I Just Want To Remind Voters…’ (Video)

    By Allen Clifton | 31 May 2015
    Forward Progressives

    (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

    It’s my belief that history is going to look back upon those who denied the realities of human-made climate change much in the same way we do people who once thought that Earth was flat. The thing is, climate change deniers are actually worse because we have the technology that gives near unlimited access to scientific facts, whereas centuries ago obtaining information was much more difficult.

    In today’s world, you have to be willfully ignorant to deny the scientifically supported reality that humans are accelerating climate change.

    However, because the Republican party is basically nothing more than a puppet for big oil, we’ve had to have this “debate” among the vast majority of the world’s scientists and people who take in large sums of money from the world’s biggest oil producers.

    I’ve often compared it to just a few decades ago when big tobacco spent massive amounts of money trying to perpetuate the absurd believe that smoking wasn’t hazardous to anyone’s health. Hell, once upon a time there were ads for doctor recommended cigarettes. Can you believe that? To think, with all that we know now, there was actually a time where there was a “debate” over whether or not smoking was dangerous.

    Well, during a recent interview with CNN, Bill Nye used the tobacco industry as an example to showcase just how absolutely ignorant these people are who deny humans are accelerating climate change:

    I just want to remind voters that suppose you had somebody running for congressional office in your district who insisted there was no connection between cigarette smoking and cancer. Would you vote for that person? You might, but if this person were adamant, ‘No, the scientists who studied cigarette smoking, they don’t know what…,’ if they were adamant, would you vote for them? And so, in the same way the connection between climate change and human activity is at least as strong as cigarettes and cancer. And so, I just want everybody to keep this in mind: that it’s very reasonable that the floods in Texas, the strengthening storms, especially, the president was in Florida, these things are a result of human activity making things worse. It’s very bad. I get this that people died in Texas, and I am reminding you what else. This is a very expensive business. When you flood the fourth largest city in the United States, somebody is going to pay for it, and it’s you and me. And so, the sooner we get to work on climate change, the better.

    The truth is, there was a time in this country when politicians did blindly – and vigorously – defend big tobacco against the scientific claims that smoking was dangerous. Do you know why? Because they were being paid off by big tobacco the same way big oil is paying off politicians today.

    The difference being, smoking is without a doubt bad, but ultimately it mostly only impacts those who choose to smoke, whereas denying climate change puts the lives of everyone living on this planet in danger. As long as there are enough people buying into the bullshit that big oil is paying politicians to say, that puts us all at risk.

    Sadly, even when evidence of climate change is happening right in front of our eyes, such as the recent historic floods in Texas (on the heels of a historic drought no less), it won’t make a difference. Because as the saying goes… you can’t fix stupid.

    Watch the segment below via CNN:

    Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and author of the popular Right Off A Cliff column.

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    1. The existence of climate change is no longer an issue up for discussion, and hasn't been for decades. The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said there was a 95 percent chance that humans are responsible for global warming. The only debate left is what to do about climate change, not whether it exists. We have been knowiout global warming for over a hundred years what is new IS DENIAL

      Nature is the best indicator that our world is warming up. Mangroves which were once limited to the southern part of Florida are now spreading northward. Alligators are now found in the Mississippi in Kentucky. Warm water fish are replacing cold water fish in Long Island Sound. Birds are migrating northward two weeks earlier. Alpine plants and animals are moving up the mountain sides. Animals and plants don't have political agendas; they just know the world is warming up, and they are responding. Everyone, especially conservatives, should pay attention.

    2. To the commenter above, you realize this isn’t a conservative issue. It’s easy to point the blame even though our democratic president has allowed oil companies to buy more Gulf of Mexico plots. In fact, he recently announced that he will allow artic oil exploration. This article is also not very credited and quite biased. Big oil has nothing to do with big tobacco. Big oil does not deny global warming. In fact, they are amongst the biggest investors in renewable energy. The problem? Renewable energy isn’t efficient enough to meet our daily energy demands alone. Thus we are dependent on fossil fuels until technology developes further. Don’t blame oil companies. It’s all of our fault. It’s your fault too actually, as you are most likely using fossil fuel powered energy to read this article. Probably on your MacBook that also has refined components from oil as well as precious,non renewable metals. And big tobacco? Last time I checked big tobacco has literally no benefits to mankind. Oil is what keeps your family safe, and your loved ones healthy( refined oil products). Finally, this article gives no data to back up their claim that oil companies deny global warming. Seriously? Some very intelligent engineers and geologists are well aware of global warming. It’s not like we can just cut off oil production immediately. The technology isn’t there yet to quit using fossil fuels.

    3. Pete, please get your facts straight. Big oil is one of the first and largest commercial sectors that believed AGW. however what they did with the information was unconscionable. They saw that their moneyed interests were in jeopardy and began the same disinformation campaign carried on by Big tobacco during their fall from grace. they didn’t begin helping their customers switch to a more sustainable energy plan, they just milked it– and denied the repercussions. Just like the Tobacco companies. There is no doubt about this. They even hired the same firms that the tobacco companies did to help them fool the public. If you want to spout facts, please get your facts straight. For the benefit of all of us.


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