How the Big Seven Open Border Powerhouses Foist the Big Lie About Immigration On American Citizens

Donald A. Collins | 4 July 2015
Progressives for Immigration Reform

(Credit: Peter Haden / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0)

Yes, we citizens can do something about the obvious conspiracy now being perpetrated on us citizens on the immigration issue or await more terrorist attacks. There is a key question to put to all running for President and if their answers are joined to the conspirators, don’t vote for them. What is that key question each of us must ask these candidates at every opportunity? “Why have we allowed our population to double since 1965 without a vote by US citizens and why are you in favor of adding a third more to the population, while 25 million of us are out of work?”

We can see what extensive terrorist attacks are happening in Europe and elsewhere and we know that the US is constantly under surveillance for terrorist opportunities by these same enemies. We can see the flow of aliens from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. Are we going to sit there and not take any corrective actions with our broken immigration system?

I bet all the veterans alive to today who have served in the wars we have fought to keep America safe are wondering, as are the majority of all US citizens, why we are giving away our precious birthrights to aliens instead of protecting our own citizens?

There is right now a massive cover up going on with what I call the Big Seven who have consistently been willing to keep the true message about the immigration invasion from being treated with the urgency it now obviously deserves.

Who are the Big Seven? Better learn because 7 is not a lucky number for us citizens. What has happened? Well, each of the Big Seven has seen the particular advantage of joining in a common cause, namely silence, about the immigration issue being used against us citizens.

Whether by inadvertence or design or both, these Seven have banded together, all realizing that regardless of their political party, there is much to gain from endless immigration at whatever level they can manage. Votes, contracts, political clout, you name it!

Big Business seeks cheap labor, despite an excess supply of qualified American workers, who could be hired, but at higher cost. Big Mass Media goes along as it fears loss of revenue, but of course being a Big Business itself and sees huge profit in going along with Big Business. Donald Trump’s comments about his broken relationship with NBC are relevant here.

Big Government’s elected officials, elected with the overwhelming support they now get from Big Business, can see that holding on to their plum posts and the employment opportunities after leaving office can only be assured if they vote right on the demands of their Big Business paymasters.

Big Labor, weakened now almost beyond recognition when compared with its earlier power, sees the vast surfeit (perhaps 30 or 40 million illegal aliens here now) as members and wants to be a beneficiary. Big Religions such as the Catholic Church see great membership additions in the poorly educated aliens pouring in from Latin America, particularly Mexico. Other religious voices see racist charges as legitimate even if none have been leveled by most American citizens and too many Americans are intimidated by such false rhetoric by the likes of the Sothern Poverty Law Center and many other voices that profit from touting excess political correctness to the point of absurdity. When does being a Good Samaritan qualify as suicidal madness? And of course the Big Ethnic Lobbies get big money from Big Business to brandish their claims that they are only claiming our Southwest as territory that what was earlier stolen from them with the Gadsden Purchase! Or the equally absurd claim that all people living in the country illegally should be allowed to stay lest we citizens would not get our food picked or the jobs done that Americans allegedly won’t do! These Big Liars should be ashamed of such chutzpah with 25 million of our citizens unemployed, underemployed or simply stopped looking.

Initially I dubbed this group the Big Six, but then I forgot one more to add to this list of unindicted co-conspirators, Big Defense. That makes 7. Such deafening silence on the true nature of their collective self-interested greed results in huge unnecessary costs. And the cost of such silence as the result of their immoral behavior naturally ends up on us taxpayers!

Sam Becker’s June 18, 2015 article, “How Giving the Rich Everything Hurts The Economy” debunks supply side economics, but fails to mention the worse effect of large scale immigration which could totally end our republic! But putting private gain on us taxpayers is fundamentally wrong.

Our endless wars in the Middle East are a huge boon to Big Defense (which should be known as Big Offense) whose behavior George Bernard Shaw immortalized in his 1905 play Major Barbara. The late Chalmers Johnson’s trilogy on this phenomenon should also be required reading.

While our US infrastructure dangerously falls apart, our foreign aggression is supported by elected officials who routinely vote for more and bigger weapons. Our present $18 trillion dollar national debt will never be repaid and the chance we will lose our status as the world’s reserve currency is NOT remote. And while focus on rebuilding our badly frayed infrastructure would provide huge employment for our citizens, Congress takes no action and wouldn’t even talk to Steve Croft of CBS’s 60 Minutes about this pending disaster.

The Big Seven constantly tells us how great new immigrants are and favors the meme of the more the merrier. We citizens, particularly the baby boomers, are aging, so Big Media and their countless sycophants constantly tell us we must replace ourselves, even though we have replaced ourselves twice since the law was changed — again for personal gain not for the benefit to our citizens — in 1965. However, we don’t need any replacement workers, as we can plainly see our businesses are automating as fast as possible to eliminate lower paying jobs such as machines to allow grocery store patrons to check out without a clerk or bagger.

Over time so many inner city jobs have vanished that the incidences of crime and violence are escalating across America. Of course these events get media attention, but Big Media keeps failing to tell us the obvious reason that importing mostly uneducated immigrants both legal and illegal does not help that situation. The American people are not stupid and we citizens have frequently rejected passage of other failed amnesties (now known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform or CIR) such as the amnesty law passed in 1986 which authorized citizenship for 3 million aliens and was subsequently unenforced. That 3 million number is now substantially higher, but it is hard to get exact numbers since the open border crowd insists on using the 2007 number of 11 million illegal aliens (which they almost always call “undocumented workers”) when estimates as high as 30 million seem highly plausible.

So since over 60% of us truly understand what is happening, how come both major parties and even the socialist Bernie Sanders, who properly screamed about the recent approval of that blanket trade bill which will add to the excess immigration problem, have all come out with Big Lies on immigration reform, refuse to make E-verify permanent, or track those here illegally or make our immigration entry laws very tough like virtually every other nation on earth?

Obviously the Big Six, plus Big Defense are all for open borders. They profit greatly from the current situation. Democrats see the flood of poorly educated aliens as future voters. Business sees more cheap labor including the engineers that have displaced so many of our surpluses of unemployed American engineers. The Catholic hierarchy sees more parishioners from the flood of Latino aliens arriving. And doubtless hopes to recruit more priests and nuns, since both populations have drastically declined.

That policy is just dandy with the Hispanic advocacy groups such as La Raza and LULAC who again see political advantage and have already attained it in many jurisdictions. Everyone wins except the American citizens who pay the bills while 25 million of us are unemployed or underemployed or have stopped looking altogether.

Okay, folks, you know you are being screwed and that the prospects for future numbers will add another third to our bloated 325 million, up from 170 million when our immigration laws were changed in 1965. As I proposed at the beginning there is a very simple way to voice our dissatisfaction, one that can be exercised by every American who cares about his or her wellbeing and that of their children and grandchildren.

No, not writing to our elected officials. That is akin to asking the fox to guard the chickens in the henhouse. Their records are buttressed and burnished by years of corporate caressing and cajoling, so that their reelections depend on how high they jump when their corporate donors calls. Your mail or emails to them will mostly not even be read unless you include a big check. Witness also the possible future attention the leading Democrat Presidential candidate might give to another group, Big Foreign Donors to the Clinton Foundation. No, folks, here is what we citizens must now do. This action constitutes a bipartisan plan of action. It rests on the obverse of the Big Lie. We must start telling those not yet awake to the above what we can call The Big Truth.

So, you properly ask, how can we do that when the big dough has captured both parties in a country with only two major parties? And we don’t have any! Well, we could form a new party but that process is too slow and too complex and too expensive. The history of 3rd party candidates from Anderson to Perot is not encouraging, even though it only took the new Republican Party 4 years from 1856 to elect Abe Lincoln in 1860, but then we had The Civil War. Of course if we keep going with the present bunch of sell out office holders that could happen. We, all of us who believe in the Rule of Law and bringing high immigration levels to a halt or a point of reasonable management need to go to any presentation by every Presidential candidate and voice this question: “Why have we allowed our population to double since 1965 without a vote of US citizens and why are you in favor of adding a third more while 25 million of us are out of work?”

If you have better clearer phasing for the question, please email it to me at along with any thoughts on how creating such a national mantra will work better.

Will any audience which hears you voice that question burst into applause? Could happen, but be prepared for some boos, as the Big Seven have many paid Hessians. Remember politics is not a spectator sport! However, if the chance ensues you can point out to the candidate and anyone around you that you will not be voting for any candidate who supports comprehensive immigration reform and does not act to enact a permanent E-verify and enforce our existing immigration laws. Some believe, as I do, that the only way to truly fix our broken immigration system is a moratorium, which is likely true, but again we are seeking improvement and getting E-verify and enforcement of present immigration laws would be a huge improvement.

Should it become obvious, as it quickly will if The Question could became a national mantra from us common sense citizens, there will be, I predict, more than one candidate who will be running on our track and singing our song. And please note that even if there are candidates you don’t support on most other issues, perhaps our massively expressed dissent can make his or her candidacy the stalking horse for an impact on all the candidates. Donald Trump actually took a big financial hit (yes, with a $4 billion worth he can well afford it), but in speaking the truth about immigration he deserves my appreciation. Okay, I am an avid golfer and so is he, but we are hardly a cohesive group and his handicap is far lower than mine! But, joking aside, how else can we get massive media’s attention and even have a slim chance of curbing the Big Seven? Look what national opposition to the Vietnam War did to Johnson. How many more terrorist attacks will it take to get our politician’s attention?

Remember, it does not cost you anything to ask this question. In light of the sad history of continuing default by our leaders, one can easily say it is the most important question you can ask to keep our precious republic from slipping away before our eyes by this frightening bi partisan power block that is conspiring to have their own greedy interests prevail at the expense of everyone else.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC., has spent over 40 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013.

From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013

By Donald A. Collins
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  1. Yes is scandalous that these plans like open borders are being achieved by stealth, no political debate, no referendums. There’s already a climate of political intimidation against people who dare to question migration levels, mindless accusations of racism, self interest of citizens is subservient to those of other countries. This is now what will it be like in 30 years. I'm actually from Australia and we pick our own fruit and veges, And we have a $15 minimum wage to boot. Prices aren't that much different to prices paid in the USA so the argument that it will raise foods prices is open to more scrutiny on other factors affecting prices. There are a few overseas tourists and locals who subsidize travel with a bit of income from picking but skilled pickers out pick them by far.


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