Mike Huckabee Vows To Ban Abortion Even If It Causes ‘Riots In The Streets’

By T. Steelman | 3 September 2015
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In a Google chat with some other right-wing nutjobs activists, Mike Huckabee quadrupled down (maybe even higher, who can keep track?) on his ridiculous reading of the Bill of Rights. According to Huckabee, the Founding Fathers really meant for zygotes to be granted full citizenship, they just neglected to add that. Can you hear them spinning in their graves?

Huckabee, who thinks that Planned Parenthood should be crawled up into by the IRS and investigated by the Justice Department for promoting women’s health, has been making crazy promises. Under a President Huckabee (gods forbid!) we can look forward to an escalation of the War on Women. In Iowa, he vowed to ban abortion by Executive Order. Guess an imperial president is okay by the Teabaggers as long as he does things they like.

In the Google interview, Huckabee made that promise again. He will declare zygotes are citizens no matter what:

“I think that the bolder and more important and more urgent position is to invoke the constitutional rights of the unborn, recognizing them as persons, expecting lawsuits, expecting extraordinary pushback, and goodness, perhaps riots in the streets.”

Charming. While vilifying protesters marching for equality, reproductive rights and racial justice, Huckabee would be fine with provoking rioting in the streets. Goodness! And, you know what? He’d probably get those riots, because he is just wrong about this issue. He continued:

“I think that we have tinkered around the edges so long that we failed to go back to the original purpose of the Bill of Rights and we have simply not applied it. Frankly, I don’t know of any of us who are pro-lifers who would argue, ‘well that is really not a person,’ so the question is: Do we believe that the unborn child is a person? If we do, then we ought to act like that is a person and give them the protections that they are due under the Constitution.”

The original purpose of the Bill of Rights is to guarantee certain rights to American citizens. Among those rights is the freedom of speech: Can a zygote speak? Freedom of religion: Can a zygote profess belief? Freedom to assemble: Where do zygotes assemble? The right to bear arms: Though the nutjobs would love to insert little rifles up in there, zygotes cannot bear arms. The right of trial by a jury of their peers: Is there a zygote court somewhere?

A zygote, embryo or fetus cannot enter into a contract. They cannot marry or divorce. They cannot vote. A collection of cells is not a citizen. It can’t be, by definition. Further, the view that life begins at conception is a religious one — and a contentious one, at that. We don’t make laws based on religion in the United States. You’re thinking of Iran.

Huckabee and the pro-birth movement have gone over a cliff. Their radical belief that a cluster of cells deserves the same rights as you or I or its mother is dangerous. Riots? You bet your ass there would be riots. If you try to force your religion onto our laws, we will not stand still. We will fight.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

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