Warning: Actual Bible Reading Likely To Turn You Into A Liberal, Study Shows

By Randa Morris | 9 December 2015
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Christian researchers have discovered the existence of a book that is so dangerous to conservative ideology, Republicans may soon decide to ban it altogether. Strangely enough, that book is the Christian Bible.

According to a study published in Christianity Today, people who say they read the Christian Bible frequently are far more likely to support liberal policies, when compared to those who read the Bible less often.

The study also found a startling difference in opinion between people who say they read the Bible on their own, apart from any outside influence, and those who participated mostly in “guided reading,” under the direction of church leaders or others.

According to Christianity Today, while most studies have found a strong association with regular church attendance and conservative views, this study was the first to look at how “independent Bible reading” influences political and moral beliefs.

The study found that,

“Unlike some other religious practices, reading the Bible more often has some liberalizing effects—or at least makes the reader more prone to agree with liberals on certain issues. This is true even when accounting for factors such as political beliefs, education level, income level, gender, race, and religious measures (like which religious tradition one affiliates with, and one’s views of biblical literalism).”

Researchers graphed the amount of time people said they read the Christian Bible, apart from any outside influence. They also created a comparative graph to illustrate positions on various political, social and moral issues.

Here are some of the findings, as reported in Christianity Today:

“Support for abolishing the death penalty increased by about 45 percent for each increase on the five-point scale measuring Bible-reading frequency.”

“…the more someone reads the Bible, the more likely he or she is to believe science and religion are compatible. (For each increase on the five-point scale, the odds that they see religion and science as incompatible decrease by 22 percent.)”

“How important is it,” the survey asked, “to actively seek social and economic justice in order to be a good person?” Again, as would be expected, those with more liberal political leanings were more likely to say it’s very or somewhat important. And those who read the Bible more often were more likely to agree. Indeed, they were almost 35 percent more likely to agree… Those who are most engaged in their faith (by directly and frequently reading its source material) are those who are most supportive of social and economic justice.”

“For each increased level of Bible-reading frequency, support for the Patriot Act decreased by about 13 percent.”

On the subject of consumerism, participants were asked if it is important to “consume less goods” in order to be a good person.

“Ask an evangelical who is politically conservative, has some college education, has an average level of income, is a biblical literalist, and does not read the Bible, and you’ll have only a 22 percent chance he or she will say reducing consumption is part of ethical living. Ask the same person, only now they read the Bible, and you’ll have a 44 percent chance they’ll say so.”

As Addicting Info’s Elisabeth Parker wrote here, Jesus was a bleeding heart liberal.

The results of the study seem to indicate that it’s not the Christian Bible that turns people into hateful conservatives, but something else altogether.

The results of another study, also conducted by the Christian research group LifeWay, indicate that the majority of Christians are not getting their religion from the Bible, but from other sources.

The study, conducted among Christian churchgoers, found that only 19 percent of Christian churchgoers say they read the Bible daily. An almost equal number, 18 percent, said they read it “rarely or almost never.” Most respondents, 22 percent, said they read the Bible “once a month” or a few times a month, while only 14 percent said they read it once a week.

All of this goes a long way toward explaining how conservatives can claim to be Christian, yet behave in a manner that is completely contrary to what Jesus taught in the Bible.

They’ve never read the Bible. They rely on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for their religious instruction.

Since actual Bible reading seems to destroy any belief in Republican Jesus, it’s likely many Christians would prefer to walk on hot coals than read the book they profess to believe in.

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  1. Jesus was a Liberal.

    If you are a true Christian, you can't be a Conservative. Conservatism is based on ME, not caring about others.

    Jesus would never be a conservative, telling others to find their own food. Time to wake up!

  2. It's an either/or proposition.

    Actually reading the entire bible as written will either make you become an atheist or prove that you are utterly evil.

  3. All the opposite. readying the bible will teach you homosexuality is punishable, God killed millions because they killed their kids, to allow people in their Gods land, people had to worships God. the lord… Readying the bible has made me more conservative every day.

    • Try reading the words printed in red if you consider yourself a Christian. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality or abortion. He also said to feed, clothe and welcome immigrants to your land, and nothing about forcing them to convert.
      Everything attributed to Paul is bullshit because he was a Roman conman.

    • You mis-read the Bible if you think that it told you homosexuality is punishable. The Bible (taken in context 2000+ years ago) is talking about rape. Men would often rape their enemy after a victorious battle in order to further humiliated them. Also consider the Bible says not to kill people (see 10 commandments), so you really can’t stone people to death (see Deuteronomy and Leviticus) … so your take away should have been, “this book is a collection of stories that make no sense.”

    • I note that the article refers to the Christian Bible aka The New Testament, which is a different item from the Jewish Bible. People use the Jewish texts to construct an argument for predictions and prophecies that were fulfilled in the life of Jesus, but the OT had a completely different purpose. Aside from some basic rules set out in the Commandments, the OThas little practical value for Christians. The Gospels and Acts are foundational.

  4. Wow this article seems heavily slanted. There are more verses in the Bible about how to be a steward of resources/money than any other single topic including grace, love, etc. it says we are to HATE debt, save, and a wise man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. When it comes to personal finance, the Bible is heavily conservative. Then there is the topic of abortion, did you know that the Bible says the first person to “rejoice” in the coming of Christ was John the Baptist “in his mother’s womb”. Also “When you were still in your mother’s womb, I knew you”. Oh I’m sorry, is that Biblical literalism? That word starts dangerously close to the word literacy, which means ability to read. I didn’t know God’s word was up for interpretation. Ken Ham does an excellent job of defending a literal Genesis in the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Science DOES support the Bible but not in some loose interpretation of Gods week being Billions of years. Look, mixing the Bible and politics is like mixing ice cream and manure. Jesus was a fiscal conservative but was also very generous (that is possible by the way). There is a difference between reading the Bible and reading into the Bible to have it fit the beliefs of your political party which is obviously what this author did to feel better about himself and try to sway others.


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