30+ Examples of Christian Privilege

Following is a list of privileges granted to people in the U.S. (and many western nations) for being Christian

By Sam Killermann | May 2012
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If you’re a Christian in the US, these are a bunch of unearned benefits you get that members of other faiths (or non-religious people) do not.

1. You can expect to have time off work to celebrate religious holidays.

2. Music and television programs pertaining to your religion’s holidays are readily accessible.

3. It is easy to find stores that carry items that enable you to practice your faith and celebrate religious holidays.

4. You aren’t pressured to celebrate holidays from another faith that may conflict with your religious values.

5. Holidays celebrating your faith are so widely supported you can often forget they are limited to your faith (e.g. wish someone a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter” without considering their faith).

6. You can worship freely, without fear of violence or threats.

7. A bumper sticker supporting your religion won’t likely lead to your car being vandalized.

8. You can practice your religious customs without being questioned, mocked, or inhibited.

9. If you are being tried in court, you can assume that the jury of “your peers” will share your faith and not hold that against you in weighing decisions.

10. When swearing an oath, you will place your hand on a religious scripture pertaining to your faith.

11. Positive references to your faith are seen dozens of times a day by everyone, regardless of their faith.

12. Politicians responsible for your governance are probably members of your faith.

13. Politicians can make decisions citing your faith without being labeled as heretics or extremists.

14. It is easy for you to find your faith accurately depicted in television, movies, books, and other media.

15. You can reasonably assume that anyone you encounter will have a decent understanding of your beliefs.

16. You will not be penalized (socially or otherwise) for not knowing other people’s religious customs.

17. Your faith is accepted/supported at your workplace.

18. You can go into any career you want without it being associated with or explained by your faith.

19. You can travel to any part of the country and know your religion will be accepted, safe, and you will have access to religious spaces to practice your faith.

20. Your faith can be an aspect of your identity without being a defining aspect (e.g., people won’t think of you as their “Christian” friend)

21. You can be polite, gentle, or peaceful, and not be considered an “exception” to those practicing your faith.

22. Fundraising to support congregations of your faith will not be investigated as potentially threatening or terrorist behavior.

23. Construction of spaces of worship will not likely be halted due to your faith.

24. You are never asked to speak on behalf of all the members of your faith.

25. You can go anywhere and assume you will be surrounded by members of your faith.

26. Without special effort, your children will have a multitude of teachers who share your faith.

27. Without special effort, your children will have a multitude of friends who share your faith.

28. It is easily accessible for you or your children to be educated from kindergarten through post-grad at institutions of your faith.

29. Disclosing your faith to an adoption agency will not likely prevent you from being able to adopt children.

30. In the event of a divorce, the judge won’t immediately grant custody of your children to your ex because of your faith.

31. Your faith is taught or offered as a course at most public institutions.

32. You can complain about your religion being under attack without it being perceived as an attack on another religion.

33. You can dismiss the idea that identifying with your faith bears certain privileges.

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  1. You can ask others to say a prayer in a crowded room or after a meeting without considering what other religions might be present or offended by it.

    • … and include statements calling people of other faiths (or no faith) "infidels." You can also state in these prayers that you "fervently look forward to Christ's return," when the bible clearly states that this event will be preceded by massive natural disasters and geopolitical uprisings, resulting in the deaths of millions (if not billions). Then you can end the prayer by asking for the "forgiveness" of those who your religion states will be going to a place of eternal punishment and torture.

  2. your religious institution can easily get billions of dollars from US and other governements to use for your charities and faith groups and money laundering schemes…

    Your priests can rape hundreds of thousands of children globally and be still working at your local church.

    Your pope can sly anywhere in the world in his jet and leave the people he visits millions of dollars in debt while he talks about poverty and how sad he is about homelessness..

      • The Baptist church has many paedophiles as well. And ummm this who article is about judging people's privileges due to their religious faith. I don't think you understood that…

      • So you know it deeply and think differently? Are you aware of how the Catholic church acted in the past, with the Crusades and Inquisitions? How the Catholic church spread itself to other cultures and what it did to native peoples? How th church set itself up above laws, allowing priests to avoid prosecution for raping children? Yes, I will judge since you seem to not be able to do that in support of your faith.

      • The better one’s understanding of Catholicism, the more disgusting and criminal the conspiracy becomes. Catholics are some SICK people. Mental Illness abounds in those who think that whispering a few words in a dead language over a commercially baked cracker will miraculously convert it into the dead flesh of a tortured criminal. (Which the delusional proceed to ingest.) Yes, I judge. From the moral high ground of rationality, the ugly, poisonous, nastiness of organized religion, especially the pedophilic cult, is quite obvious.


  4. If you're a Christian in eg Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, you are bound to get a lot of problems. And a lot more problems then Moslims in Europe or the USA have to expect.

    • Oh, those poor Christians! Tsk, tsk, tsk…. No, with mosques burned/bombed/driven out of town and with Muslims attacked and victimized throughout the US (the recent murders in NY of the imam and his assistant are the most recent example), targetting by the TSA, being told that you're not a "real" religion, and having OK state rep. Pat Ownbey say that Islam needs a "final solution"–recognize that phrase?–I contend that there's at least no difference. It's just possible that the Muslims here have it a bit worse, but I'll stipulate that there's parity.

      Me, I've been an English Traditional witch for almost 40 years, so I don't feel like there's much of a difference with either of these religions in the way they treat outsiders, but I don't want you thinking that I'm biased in favor of one vs. the other.

    • “Following is a list of privileges granted to people in the U.S. (and many western nations) for being Christian”
      It is right under the headline…

    • Can't remember the last Christian church arson in the U.S. Can't remember the last time a Christian in this country was beaten for looking like a Christian on public transportation. Please cite the facts you are relying on to make your claim that "Moslims" have it so much better in Europe or the USA than in the other countries you cite.

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