11 reasons Why Christianity and its God should be thrown into the dustbin of history

    By P. A. Varghese | 10 April 2016

    (Photo: Mikel Manitius / Flickr)
    (Photo: Mikel Manitius / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0)

    1. The Punishment for a simple disobedience is grossly unjustified

    It is justifiable to inflict such punishments as described in the Bible for a simple disobedience – violating an instruction not to eat a fruit – that too under the temptation of a wily serpent? God threw them out of the Paradise and opened the gates of everlasting hell and started roasting souls in there. He brought in, thereafter, all sorts of suffering and pain to man.

    2. The concept of the original sin is simply incomprehensible

    How come a simple disobedience of the first parents gets passed on to their offspring? What did the coming generation do to inherit the original sin, eternal hell and the wrath of God? Once the original sin is done away with, there is no need for god’s own son to take birth, suffer, die to redeem mankind.

    3. Eternal fire for a temporary sin is grossly unjust

    A sin committed in this temporal life does not deserve eternal roasting in the inner chambers of a burning hell. A transient offense merits a temporary punishment. This is monstrous and the god who insists on it must be monstrous.

    4. Why has God killed more than half of all children born before the age of 14?

    The purpose of creation is attain eternal bliss with God as a fruit of one’s merit accumulated in this life by obeying god’s commandments using one’s free will. But those who die as kids cannot use their freewill and what is then the purpose of creating them? Their death simply causes a lot of pain to their dear ones and no good whatsoever.

    5. What is the purpose in creating the feeble minded, psychotic, and the brain deficient?

    It is amply clear many of them cannot even take care of themselves, leave alone the use of freewill and merit eternal bliss. Life is simply a pain to themselves and for all their relatives and friends.

    6. His choice of a small tribe as His own

    He chose a semi stupefied peasant tribe as his own to the exclusion of all others. He murdered and destroyed millions of people and all nations of Canaan to settle the group. He revealed himself to this minuscule tribe and left the whole of humanity in utter darkness.

    7. Why did God love to kill and insisted on animal and human sacrifices?

    He sent a deluge to drown every living thing on earth! He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Can all the living people be sinful at the same time? Why did He behead the firstborn of Egyptians to intimidate Pharaoh? Are children and animals not God’s own creation? Why did God love so much the taste of blood and fat of the young sturdy animals?

    8. How could God turn against His own people?

    With the coming of Christianity, Yahweh turns against the Jews and he prods the Church to persecute, banish or gas them. The same god had madly protected them and traveled with them in an arc for centuries and murdered entire nations for settling them.

    9. Christianity has fragmented into warring sects

    From almost the beginning, the Church got disintegrated into hostile denominations. The patriarch of Antioch ceded from Rome, each head excommunicating the other. Protestants and Anglicans turned against Catholics and many bloody wars ensued. Today there are many diverse denominations with contradictory doctrines each claiming to be the true Church. Some of them are incidentally atheistic.

    10. The Church has always stood against mankind and perpetuated suffering

    The higher clergy have been living luxuriously and licentiously until the recent times. One of the major reasons for the French Revolution has been their sins and utter negligence of the poor. It has killed billions in crusades, in its sectarian wars and by its inquisition courts. Great scientists like Bruno was burnt for not accepting Church’s foolishness and even Galileo was interned for years. Innocent women were haunted down and burnt at stake as witches including Joan of Arc.

    11. There is only pain and suffering in this world

    Each year there are a number of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural calamities. Each one kills many instantly and buries them with all their dreams. Plagues and epidemics have decimated human societies. Horrendous viruses have worked havoc with humans too. Science and advancement in medicine have lessened child mortality rates and controlled deaths due to epidemics. But God has no part in this latter development. There are millions who die of hunger, malnutrition and diseases. The Church being against birth control measures is adding empty stomachs into the world! Pain has been the only reality in the world and we don’t find any supernatural power coming to alleviate the same.

    Reprinted with permission from the author.

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      • So that's the answer, blame the people?
        Such a shallow rebuttal as that has worked for centuries, but it is starting to break down.

      • no…we dont MIS understand god. What Scribes have done is manipulate their long term continuous fairytale and with their institutions have indoctrinated the feeble minded. Pretty simple….the "fruit" of the "spiirt" is another con job…but alas..we ex christians who have degrees in bible studies just dont understand nor have the 'fruit" of the spirit. Simple answers for simple sheep…

      • What’s sad is how jews, christians and muslims have raped the world on behalf of their satanic “Gods”.

      • @joshua … and neither do you have it, other than being 'sad' … the 'church' 'fruit of the spirit' has 500 yrs of hypocrisy, sadism, perversion, hate, murder, genocide of hundreds of millions of indigenous peoples, slavery of 10,000,000 blacks from africa to the americas, property & land theft, torture, rape, and the invasion of the americas north south & central, africa, asia, australia with the 'blessings' of the 'princes' of rome given to the 'princes' of europe (dum diversas 1452 earlier & later) … you need to have a serious conversation between you and god … peace

    1. Words seem inadequate. What can one say except its all too stupid. Why do ordinary decent people cling desperately to this cruel archaic judeo Christian garbage?

    2. This is barely an argument because in Christianity, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, etc. This author clearly has either some hurt or anger about our God. God doesn’t like the taste of blood. He doesn’t need to eat. He is not like man. I could give a rebuttal to most of this but some of it is way too emotional and fleshly to even try to address it. These would be good questions for someone who actually wants the answer and is not trying to take it out if the world. When some religions have only circular reasoning that offers no remedy for life. This has the answer for everything. I believe that with all my heart. If the author actually read the bible for understanding there will be other denominations that will make it to heaven.

      • You CANNOT be angry at a god or gods you believe exist! Think before you type.

        It also sounds like you don't have confidence in your rebuttal. I would actually like to see it. But saying it is emotional and fleshy makes it sounds as if it is lacking in facts.

        And theists accusing atheists of not reading the Bible is a bit rich. In my experience, atheists know the Bible far better than most theists.


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