Eight Reasons Why Christianity Is False

    By Bill Flavell | 13 April 2016

    (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

    There is very little that we can prove in this world. However, we can look for evidence to support claims people make and, when there is sufficient supporting evidence and no contrary evidence, we can conclude a claim is probably true.

    However, it is easier to prove something is false – all you need is contradictory evidence. Here are my eight reasons why Christianity is false. There is abundant evidence to support each reason. I don’t have space here to give the evidence but if you are not aware of it, I can provide it.

    1. There is clear evidence that prayer does not work despite the Bible promising prayers will be answered.

    2. There is clear evidence that humans invent gods and there is no reason to believe the Jewish god is an exception.

    3. There is clear evidence that religions and gods are propagated through culture by infecting children, and no evidence that they are propagated by gods.

    4. There is clear evidence that religions evolve as human understanding of the world changes whilst a real, God-given religion, should never need to change.

    5. There is clear evidence that humans on this planet have unequal access to Christianity so, if Christianity is true, billions would be condemned to hell for no fault of their own. This contradicts the Christian notion that God is omni-benevolent.

    6. There is clear evidence that the Bible, supposedly inspired by God, is riddled with the type of errors that we would expect from Iron Age men but not from the creator of the universe.

    7. Christian theology is incoherent to the point of absurdity. God killing his son so he can forgive our future sin is like me breaking my son’s legs so I can forgive my neighbour in case she ever parks her car on my drive. It is quite ridiculous.

    8. There is clear evidence that the arguments presented for the existence of God are founded on logical fallacies – all of them. All that is left for Christians is faith and their feelings. We know that faith and feelings can be used to believe in any god at all – including non-existent gods. So faith and feelings are epistemologically worthless. And that is all Christians have.

    I rest my case.

    Reprinted with permission from the author.

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    1. The one thing you didn't touch on was the intelligence of those who wrote these controversial books. These are the same people who believed that the Earth was flat, the sun revolved around the Earth and that the Earth was the center of the universe.
      I'm not saying that they were downright stupid, but they didn't have sufficient enough knowledge. You would think that this so called god, would have pointed this out, since they were inspired by the same god.

      ALSO…If god allowed for his son to die for our sins, then why does the bible always state that the father, the son & the holy spirit are one in the same?

      ALSO…How was Noah to absorb all of this knowledge, as well as passing it down to all the others? What I'm referring to, is everything from the "Creation", "Adam & Eve", the BIG FLOOD" etc..
      Aside from the Big Booming voice from the sky, how could anyone account for all of this?

      ALSO…If god created the heavens and earth, then why are there no references to dinosaurs? We clearly have proof of their existence.

      There are just too many controversial stories in this book that raise more questions than answers.
      In short…I view the bible as a fairy tale used to control an otherwise unruly civilization. Note, that it was written during the time of a ruthless Roman Empire!

    2. Why do all religions have the same base story but only names changed? Why was Christianity stolen from the pagan belief system? Why aren’t people taught about the Roman soldier Pantera? Look him up. Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera. There is proof that he is Jesus’s human father.


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