Opus Dei & Christian Dominion

Forget about Dan Brown’s fantasy conspiracy cult, this is a story of the real Opus Dei

By Ronald Thomas West | 16 January 2015

Expansion of the Roman Catholic organisation Opus Dei throughout the world.
Expansion of the Roman Catholic organisation Opus Dei throughout the world. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

The American founders clearly recognized the history and danger of any ‘Christian Dominion’ as eloquently stated by James Madison:

Experience witnesses that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and virtue of religion, have had a contrary operation. During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.

Also, there was no sense of certainty, on the American founders’ part, there would be an infallible institution of government born of the American revolutionary experiment. When emerging from the Constitutional Convention, the waiting-shouting crowd demanded an answer of Benjamin Franklin, on the form of a new government to be given them. His answer?

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

We couldn’t. The founders were well aware of centuries of Vatican intrigue in relation to manipulating geopolitics, governments and related demands of submission, examples now include condemning the Magna Charta, causing a civil war, to demanding authority over the divorce of Henry the VIII, to the modern church support of Francisco Franco:

Franco’s concordat gave state funding to the Church and legally enforced Church teaching. In return, the Vatican … granted him the full version of “royal patronage” (patronato real). This was the ancient privilege of Spanish kings to name bishops and veto appointments down to the level of the parish priest.

The Catholic Church is dominionist by deed. ‘Christian Dominion’ is perhaps most easily described as the ‘rule of God’s law’ trumps the ‘rule of secular law’, Jesus commandment to ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ notwithstanding. Practical ‘Christian Dominion’ as employed by the modern church at Rome is evident in several respects; based on a principle of forgiveness of ‘lesser evils’, follows here are four salient examples:

1) Third Reich war criminals, forgiven and protected for the purpose of fighting a greater evil such as ‘godless’ communists. This resulted in the Vatican ‘rat lines’ evacuating tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals to safety and away from prosecutions, in the immediate post World War II years:

“It gets a little crazy, when you let one thing [anticommunism] take over to the extent that you forgive everything else” —CIA officer Victor Marchetti

2) Protecting pedophile priests identities, shielding these criminals throughout the world, moving them from parish to parish while protecting them from civil authorities and prosecutions.

From the time the Paraclete brothers—over the objections of the order’s founder—began treating pedophiles there in 1965, Camp Ped was little more than a recycling center for child-molesting priests. Bishops used it as a holding tank for clerical sickos until they could foist them on new and unsuspecting parishioners. Its miserable track record can be measured in countless children’s ruined lives.

3) In this third instance, you see how the previous two instance combine to demonstrate a model; when an Argentine priest who’d participated hands on in torture interrogations, and murders, of ‘disappeared’ persons, the Church at Rome had allowed him to serve as a parish priest under an alias while a fugitive war criminal. It was only after the priest had been exposed by investigative journals, that he’d been brought to justice.

The parishioners in the coastal village in Chile knew their priest simply as the Rev. Christián González. Only his accent gave away that he was an Argentine. So it came as a shock to them when he traveled back to Argentina last year and had to face charges here for crimes dating to the military dictatorship of the 1970’s. Under his real name, Christián von Wernich, he is accused of 19 counts of murder and 33 of abduction and torture.

4) This fourth instance reinforces the preceding third instance; providing alias to Rwandan priests complicit in genocide and placing them in parishes abroad:

Accusations that the Catholic leadership acted as apologists for the génocidaire have been buttressed by the involvement of a network of church organisations, from monasteries to missionaries, in helping priests accused of murder in Rwanda to evade justice. Some were hidden away in Europe, taken on under false names as parish priests.

These (linked) preceding instances of modern church history are too similar, too geographically widespread, too often repeated, to be anything less than actual church policy, these facts are NOT anomalies. In each instance, it is a case of ‘rehabilitation through forgiveness’ or “Go and do not sin again” which, according to the factual deeds of church hierarchy, demonstrates ‘God’s law’ trumps accountability to any secular rule of law. If the church forgives, it is the position of the church, that is where accountability ends. This becomes ever-more-so problematic as the litany of criminal behaviors only grows. Church empowered IMPUNITY undermining democracies, is the practical result. This is especially relevant to Opus Dei.

Excluding the rebellious, hyper-radical, extreme fringe of right-wing Catholicism represented in the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), Opus Dei is the mainstay institution for the hardcore religious-right in the church at Rome. Conservatives throughout the Catholic hierarchy defer to Opus Dei, or curry favor with Opus Dei, to position themselves for advancement. Accommodating Opus Dei is a required element for any who aspire to the highest office, the papacy, no matter that person’s church society affiliation. This is matter of fact to internal church hierarchy politics and the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s rise cannot be considered an exception.

Opus Dei, which flourished in its early (formative) decades in Franco’s Spain, prior to expanding aggressively into Latin America, points to two events so similar, they cannot be considered to be unrelated.

1) in Franco’s Spain:

In the decade following the end of the Spanish Civil War, an unholy alliance of doctors, priests, and General Francisco Franco’s secret police systematically took thousands of children from vulnerable women known to have supported the Republican cause. These women were often in prison, or their husbands had been killed or were also in jail. It was seen at the time as an effective way of inflicting a lasting punishment on those who had backed the wrong side in the war, at the same time as preventing the appearance of a new generation of “reds” by placing the children in the care of families who supported the new regime.

2) in General Jorge Videla’s Argentina:

Priests and bishops in Argentina justified their support of the government on national security concerns, and defended the taking of children as a way to ensure they were not “contaminated” by leftist enemies of the military, said Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, a Nobel Prize-winning human rights advocate who has investigated dozens of disappearances and testified at the trial.

General Videla himself stated he had the advice of the church in the policies he’d initiated, including the disposition of infant and small children taken from parents the regime had murdered:

Ex General Jorge Videla said he had “many conversations” with Argentina’s primate, Cardinal Raúl Francisco Primatesta, about his regime’s dirty war against left-wing activists. He said there were also conversations with other leading bishops from Argentina’s episcopal conference as well as with the country’s papal nuncio at the time, Pio Laghi … “They advised us about the manner in which to deal with the situation” said Videla.

Noting General Videla’s naming of Cardinal Primatesta, who refused testimony to any lawful tribunal concerning the crimes of the Argentine junta…

On his death in 2006 human rights campaigners in Argentina said he took to the grave many of the junta’s secrets after they failed to force him to testify about his dealings with it.

…it is interesting to note an official Opus Dei bulletin [announcement] endorsing and associating with the criminal Cardinal’s activities as recently as 2001:

^ “Dans la ville de Córdoba (Argentine), le cardinal Primatesta, qui présidait la célébration, a commenté que le bienheureux Josémaria a aidé des milliers de personnes à s’unir à Dieu, chacun à l’endroit où il est”


“In the city of Córdoba (Argentina), Cardinal Primatesta, who presided [at] the celebration, said that Blessed Josemaria has helped thousands of people to unite with God, each in the place where he is” [referring to celebrating the founder of Opus Dei]

A few years later, we discover Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has filled Cardinal Primatesta’s shoes for the same Opus Dei event:

^ “Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, presided in the metropolitan Cathedral at a Mass concelebrated with Fr. Patricio Olmos, Regional Vicar of Opus Dei in Argentina.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio DID appear before the tribunal investigating ‘disappeared’ (murdered) persons in Argentina because he’d been fingered by a low ranking Jesuit priest, Fr Yario, as the man responsible for giving him up to the junta to experience five months of torture. A brave liberal Catholic woman investigated Bergoglio’s tetimony and demonstrates Bergoglio stonewalled, prevaricated, refused answers (and we’ve since discovered, outright lied), here is a telling tribunal transcript snippet:

Tribunal: “Did the general of the Jesuits  know that there were accusations made against this group  [that included Jalics and Yorio]? Did the General [the global head of the Jesuits] share those [critical] views?”

Bergoglio: [no answer]

The article concludes (among other things)

Under Jorge Mario’s [Bergoglio] leadership, the Society of Jesus [Jesuits in Argentina], was shaped into a theological phalanx of the right-wing dictatorship. Bergoglio did not answer the question put to him about whether the Superior  General of the Society of Jesus (worldwide) shared Bergoglio’s critical view of liberation theology and its preferential option to the poor. If so, he would have had to say that the answer was no.

It would appear Bergoglio’s concerns for social justice and the poor are at best superficial or for appearance sake, and at worst, are left outside the door in any case, when it comes to protecting the interests of Opus Dei. Opus Dei is a ‘personal prelature’ answering to the Curia at the Vatican:

A personal prelature is a Church jurisdiction without geographical boundaries designed to carry out particular pastoral initiatives. At present, the only personal prelature in the Church is Opus Dei.

In effect, Opus Dei or ‘The Work’ is (these days) a society which can be assigned specific errands by the Holy See. However Opus Dei might take issue with that interpretation, at least for public consumption, it does well to recall the organization’s history in relation to collusion with intelligence agencies and consequent ties to false-flag terror carried out by fascist Catholic cells. It was a former CIA director, Bill Colby, had blown the whistle the CIA had employed Opus Dei to set up Operation Gladio throughout Western Europe:

Colby’s story is absolutely correct. Absalon was created in the early 1950s. Colby was a member of the world spanning laymen Catholic organisation Opus Dei, which, using a modern term, could be called right-wing. Opus Dei played a central role in the setting up of Gladio in the whole of Europe.

Keep that thought in your pocket when considering how great a favor Dan Brown had done Opus Dei; when he’d created a mythical cult or far-fetched conspiracy theory detracting from real world crimes with Opus Dei fingerprints … involving the slaughter of innocents with bombs and machine guns:

These are practically solved murders that have gone un-prosecuted for essentially two facts: 1) the interference of the Western democracies intelligence agencies derailing investigations and 2) the fact of the Catholic hierarchy harboring those very criminal elements devoted to the overthrow of ‘godless’ secularism. Jorge Mario Bergoglio has all of the necessary evidence at his disposal, as the present lead authority over the ‘personal prelature’ of Opus Dei, to produce the criminally complicit fascist cells involved in the slaughter of innocents in Italy, Germany and Belgium, and deliver these killers to justice. What has he done in reality? Promoted Opus Dei to the top levers of power at the Vatican:

Opus Dei, an official institution of the Catholic Church, at the top is a secret society of international bankers, financiers, businessmen and their supporters. Their goal is the same as other plutocrats – unbridled power – except they use the influence of the Catholic Church and its worldwide network of institutions exempt from both taxes and financial reporting requirements to advance rightwing parties and governments. A year after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s elevation as head of the Church and his many appointments, the dust has settled. Three cardinals have emerged as the most powerful in this papacy; all have close ties to Opus Dei. Two now control all Vatican finance.

Moving towards the conclusion of this assessment, it does well to recall Argentina by the time Vatican ‘rat lines’ had smuggled thousands of Nazis out of Europe and into that nation:

In October 1961, Caggiano and the then president of Argentina, Arturo Frondizi inaugurated the first course on counter-revolutionary warfare in the Higher Military College. One of the tasks set in the course was to explain this quotation from the bishop of Verden, Dietrick von Nieken in 1411:

When the existence of the Church is threatened, it is no longer bound by the commandments of morality. When unity is the aim, all means are justified: deceit, treachery, violence, usury, prison and death. Because order serves the good of the community, and the individual has to be sacrificed for the common good.

… among its instructors were priests such as Victorio Bonamín, whom Caggiano had chosen as his associate in the military vicariate general. At the start of the course, the director of the Higher Military College explained that it would be dealing with a new kind of warfare “which we could call ‘internal warfare’”, to be fought “without concern for the means, or scruples, or ethical principles.

And compare this to certain recent phenomena at the Pentagon:

The mandatory Nuclear Ethics and Nuclear Warfare session, which includes a discussion on St. Augustine’s “Christian Just War Theory,” is led by Air Force chaplains and takes place during a missile officer’s first week in training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. St. Augustine’s “Qualifications for Just War,” according to the way it is cited in a PowerPoint presentation, are: “to avenge or to avert evil; to protect the innocent and restore moral social order (just cause)” and “to restore moral order; not expand power, not for pride or revenge (just intent).

And in light of the preceding, examine recent Opus Dei meddling in American military affairs, falsely attacking the man most responsible for forcing the American military to confront its violation of laws prohibiting religious influences guiding military policies:

Newsmax said, in an email … that it had removed the article produced by the Vatican-backed Aleteia because the author did not answer questions raised about it.

The article implied that Mikey Weinstein, Founder and President of the organization, lied or exaggerated his ties with the Reagan White House to raise money to support the civil rights organization head leads. It has 40,000 active duty and veteran service members, of all faiths (about 96% are practicing Christians) and no faith, who want to keep the church out of the military’s business. They campaign aggressively to stop unconstitutional proselytizing throughout the U. S. armed forces and otherwise keep the “God Boys” out of the nation’s military where not to do so would be unlawful.

In the article, written by Mark Stricherz, two officials were quoted challenging Weinstein’s legitimacy.

Ray Wilson, an archivist at the Reagan White House Library, was quoted as saying records did not show any indication Weinstein worked for the White House. Wilson on Thursday, in a telephone interview, disputed [that] and said he told the author he didn’t have time to make an exhaustive check and a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request should be filed if he wanted an authoritative response.

University of Minnesota Professor Richard Painter, former deputy legal counsel for Reagan, was quoted as implying that although Weinstein did work for the Reagan White House he was exaggerating his role. Painter said he was asking for a correction from Aleteia.

Evidence for the Aleteia publication denouncing Weinstein connection to Opus Dei is clear, per the publication’s own listing of its ‘research experts’

Fr. C. John McCloskey, III is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. He currently is Research Fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington DC.

The question every *truly* rational person on this planet should be asking themselves is, how do you envision a future related to Opus Dei actively working to undermine a man dedicated to keeping religious fanatics hands off of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world?

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Update 12 April 2015: Pope Frances (to date) is standing behind the promotion of the criminal dictator Augusto Pinochet’s military priest, Juan Barros (presided at Pinochet’s funeral), despite the fact Barros shielded one of the church’s most notorious pedophiles.


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A Vietnam Veteran and former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator.

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  1. This excellent essay requires a careful and sophisticated response. I would concentrate on the distinction between Weltbild (world picture, or science) and Weltanschauung (worldview, or how people live) beliefs. There are as many worldviews as human beings, and attempt to promote some and extirpate others have caused great harm. In a free marketplace of ideas, it is a tricky position to assert that some recommendations for living constitute fraud.

  2. The opus dei is part –very important– of a net of associations that, as you can see in your hand ( 5 fingers!!!) is usefull to catch people with several tendencies: prefer riches: opus dei; something more popular and sectarian: kikos; are you brazilian: heralds of the gospel; mexican: legionarios; etc. etc. etc. All new movements, the same sectarian tactics, slavery work for their adherents, carefull control of priests, persecution of sexual heretic behavior (and as long as posible treatening and silencing victims), etc. As church was loosing adherents and the credulity is lower every day, they use sectarism, police persecution (im one…), lawyers control to defend theirselves from denunces… Is a trully maffia.
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