How Christians Are Controlled

    By Beinghuman | 2 January 2014

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    After doing a lot of research on Christianity, I still wonder how I ever believed in it. I’ve been an atheist for about a year. Now, I can look back and see through the control religion had on me. I used to think that religions became popular because they truly cared for their followers. Now, I know that religions become popular because they have the most control over their followers. They use several brainwashing techniques to keep their flock in line. I’m sure that many religious people have doubts about their religion, but their faith blocks them from questioning it. I remember that there were certain points where I seriously questioned the Catholic faith, but I was trapped by delusion. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed about how religion controls their followers.

    Parents: Before we are even born we have no choice but to follow our parent’s religion. Parents bring us up before we can even reason, and force us to follow their faith. This is how it all starts. Parents are told that they will go to Hell if they don’t believe. It’s only natural for a parent to care for their children, so they bring them up into the faith as well. This is why religion continues on and on, because our parents were told by their parents and their parents were told by their parents.

    Baptism: Baptism isn’t in all religions, but several Christian branches follow Baptism. Baptism is the belief that infants should be cleansed with holy water. If they’re not, their all loving God will send them to Hell. Baptism is the start of the brainwashing process. Parents want to see their children in Heaven, so they baptize their kids young.

    Another process in the Catholic faith is confirmation. This is where a person “chooses” to join the church. Except, that it’s not really a choice. By the time you reach this age, you’re already brainwashed. The Catholic Church just makes you think you have a choice.

    Original Sin: This is a doctrine which states that we are worthy of hellfire. We are so bad, that we don’t deserve to go to Heaven. We are so bad, that God had to send his only to son to die for us. Original sin is a very important tool that Christianity uses for control. Christianity is built upon the fact that Jesus came to die for our sins. Christians have such a negative view of themselves that they think they need some Jesus guy to send them to Heaven. If they don’t repent and be saved, they have a one way ticket to Hell.

    Hell: We’ve all heard Christians preach to us before. When people come up to us, they will talk about how good their God is. Except, they usually leave out one little part, Hell. Hell is another important part of Christianity. Once they drill into our minds that we are horrible sinners, convincing us of Hell is easy. Many of us have had doubts about Christianity, but fear is a very powerful emotion. We are brought up with detailed images of Hell that are contained throughout the Bible. Hell is a place where demons torture us for eternity. You think Texas is hot during the summer, wait till you get to Hell. Not only is it hot, but there is also a lake of fire. Hell is a place for: atheists, people of other religions, and murderers. No wonder why Christians are terrified to lose their belief.

    The 11th Commandment, thou Shalt Not Question: I remember going to church where a priest gave a sermon about doubt. He said that having doubts is fine, but if it causes you to lose faith in Jesus, then it’s a sin. And we all know that sin sends us to Hell. He basically implied, don’t doubt, or you’ll go to Hell. Christians always look at people from other religions and say they’re brainwashed, but refuse to look at their own religion. Priests aren’t going to say, “I’m going to brainwash you.” Christians don’t seem to get that brainwashing occurs through subliminal messaging.

    Sexual Guilt: In my opinion, this has to be the second biggest control factor. Everyone has sexual urges. If you can’t control your urges, you have them for life. Jesus says that lust is the same as adultery. Christianity constantly demonizes sex and says that you should wait till marriage. Even in marriage, there are still rules about sex you have to follow.

    The Catholic Church teaches that masturbating is a mortal sin which will send you to Hell. They know that masturbating is impossible to stop, but they still make it a sin anyways. Teenagers are forced to go to confession and tell a perverted old man that they masturbate. I love how Catholics worship the Virgin Mary, which is another control factor. This says that the Virgin Mary was chosen by God to conceive Christ. So, you should all be virgins and wait for marriage!

    Church: I’m still a closet atheist, so I still go to church when I’m with my parents. When I go, I’m amazed at all of the manipulation that goes on. Churches are the perfect way to separate people from the real world. A church is used to make people think they’re feeling Jesus. At church, several techniques are used. This includes: incense, candles, dim lighting, and music. All of these things make church feel like a special place and that we are experiencing God. Music is a key tool. Most of the songs are about us being horrible people and how we need saving. Even Amazing Grace says the words, “Saved a wretch like me.” If you hear a lie long enough, you begin to believe it.

    Bashing Secular Society: At another sermon I went to the priest bashed secular society. Any wonder why Christians have a negative view of the outside world? They’re told that the world is full of sin. If anything bad happens, it must be a sign of the end times. I’ve heard constantly that we must be of the world, but not part of it. The priest’s sermon made me furious. This usually doesn’t happen, but I clenched my fist during it. This propaganda creates an in group out group. Christians feel like they’re special, while treating atheists badly.

    In order to break free from the cult of Christianity, one must understand the control factors behind it. This control starts when Christians are very young, and continues throughout their lifetime. Doubts may occur throughout their lives, but Christianity has plenty of fail safes to stop them. Atheists need to have patience when trying to bring Christians to our side. Hopefully, Christians will eventually see the light of reason, and lead a more fulfilling life.

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    1. I certainly became an athiest knowing full well there is something out there but I am positive it is the universe we are ALL a part of not some god. I can sure see how believing in god is comforting, no one wants to believe they go know where when you die, it is heart wrenching so they believe,and that is okay, it gets them through life.
      Myself I cannot believe in something that does not exist and all the stupid things that happen, children having to die at the hands of a murder, but god lets it happen, well yes becuase there is no god.
      Some say "why isn't god helping me my life is so miserable" yes, because there is no god.
      But we are ALL a part of this world and it is our turn so we can just make it a happy time here on earth. Who knows what the next species will be on this planet.


    2. You may want to rethink your position as there are such things as Christians and other religious ppl who have had mystical encounters with the divine and also experienced miracles. Yes, I , in fact, am one of them. You have a contradiction in your reasoning as well. You call belief a comfort yet Christians have a fear of being separated from God if they don’t live up to Christian morality. None do, how is that exactly comforting?? Atheism is illogical, from nothing comes nothing! Nothing after death isn’t at all terrifying it’s just not true! If you think a Christian believes because nothing after death is intolerable you’ve sorely mistaken and are a making a generalization to fit your adopted narrative to ease your conscience. It just isn’t true!

    3. Honestly I don’t know anymore I spent my entire life ever since I was little On this religion People tell me that God’s real And people tell me God’s not real I just don’t know I do believe there is something Is out there And I do admit there are some problems with this religion Certain things don’t lineup properly I just think The Bible is just guidelines

    4. I have only read the ‘Parents’ part (I like the article so far) but needed to make an observation from personal experience.

      Since parents learn and practice religion or Christianity and pass it onto their children who become parents and so on and so forth then why do you think both the author of this article and myself began to think critically (in a good way) why religion and Christianity is a form of brainwashing?

      Perhaps, because we saw it from the beginning, had a traumatic life experience, were then forced to evaluate why we believed what we were told to believe and then educated ourselves on the pros/cons of the decision that occurred early in life.

      Whereas, on the flip side, the parents who accept Christianity or religion as adults are accepting a ‘new’ belief system because of a traumatic life experience that ‘offers’ something magical.

      I think more and more adults who were indoctrinated as young naive children will begin to challenge and question why they believe what they believe when they know it’s ok to be honest with themselves.

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