How European true identity was destroyed when Christianity moved in

By Vlassis Rassias | 9 July 2014

(Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5)

Europe is a continent that for centuries has given birth to many notable cultures, ethnic traditions and civilizations, the common characteristics of whom were the dignity and self-determination of the human being, the quest for virtue and for the truth, reverence for the sacred, respect towards nature, the lifelong affirmation one’s personal worth and the esteem that comes with it, as well as the ideal of freedom.

Unfortunately, this tapestry of diverse yet similar and complementary polytheistic cultures, ethnic traditions and civilizations, ceased to exist when an eastern, strange, expansive and intolerant religion moved in forcefully and demanded the total disappearance of everything that people knew, held as sacred and preserved as social and spiritual values. What followed this unprecedented invasion in Europe, is more or less well known. Absolute cultural and cognitive collapse, barbarity, monotheism, superstition, hatred for everything that existed previously, political autocracy and an insane, all invasive theocracy, moral decline, abasement, genocide and ethnocide, and of course the flames. Flames that sprang and consumed unlucky human beings, masterpieces of art and literature, everything that was directly or indirectly representing the old “pagan” world that the new rulers craved to exterminate.

The worst consequence of all these calamities was the destruction of the self-awareness of the polytheistic “ethne” of Europe and the gradual erasure of their ethnic memory. Numerous generations of unlucky people spent all their lives with no real notion of identity, or who their ancestors were and how they viewed themselves, unaware of the history of the land they occupied. They had even forgotten the term “patris” (patria, fatherland), and for many centuries, the continent witnessed her children living completely alienated from her soul, made to believe that they had been “civilized” due to the bloody swords of Constantine, Charlemagne and other monotheist slaughterers, and praising the darkness as light. They even went as far as to export their barbarity and intolerance, first in the form of bloodthirsty crusades towards the East, and, later, in the form of bloodthirsty “explorations” to the, according to their own vocabulary, “new worlds”.

Glimpses of the lost light of the pre-Christian times, came back to our beloved Europe only in the last centuries, and only through a long and painful sequence of reinstatements, revivals, revolutions, movements of enlightenment and, of course, through the gradual re-acquirement of the abandoned genuine identities by some intellectual vanguards of the various European “ethne”. Since the 19th century of the chronology of the arrogant religion who dared to bisect the human History itself, most of the people of Europe are aware that they are not a rootless and amorphous human mass under the Cross or the Koran, but the descendants of historically existent and, most of them, glorious and advanced ancient “ethne”.

Some of these Europeans though, including us, have developed a deeper insight on the subject. All who perceive the flow of the time as circular and not linear, know quite well that History has no final destination but it simply follows the trends and tensions created inside her by the historical subjects at every single turn of the wheel of Eternity. And they also do know, quite well, that for someone to win the title of the “historical subject”, they must be able to have their proposals and ideas alive and attractive on the table, each time humanity is called to choose its next course inside the infinite fractal of History.

For us, each single actuality is a link. Every single moment revives the entire past and comprises the dynamics of the entire future. Seeing things in such a way, we, the representatives of the native, ethnic, indigenous, ancient but still alive Traditions and Religions of Europe, work hard to turn the issue of our complementary collective identities from a spiritual privilege of an enlightened vanguard, into a proud awareness and identification of all the Europeans, in front of this admirable mosaic of the genuine cultures, ethnic traditions and civilizations of their ancestors. We reclaim the European identity. We reclaim our true value systems and our true ways. Our purpose is clear, to restore the once defeated but not extinct, cultures of joy, freedom, polytheism, dignity, piety and uprightness, and, being a Hellene, please let me ad, of reason, humanism, eunomia and polyarchy.

May God Apollo’s light always shine on you.

This was a speech delivered at the 2014 European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER), at the Lithuanian Parliament (Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas), in Vilnius, Lithuania on 9 July 2014.

Vlassis Rassias has given nearly 100 lectures, in Greece and abroad, on the Hellenic religion, philosophy and ethos. In the summer solstice of 1998 he took part in the founding of The World Congress of Ethnic Religions (WCER) in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has written 18 books (16 of them on Ancient Greece) and 2 poetry collections.

Animated map shows how Christianity spread around the world

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  1. They didn't just destroy the ancient religions. They also dismantled all the schools of philosophy that competed with Christianity, including the Epicurean Gardens which embodied the apex of intellectual, scientific, and humanist achievement during the Hellenistic Era.

  2. The destruction by Catholicism was far more grand and vast than conventional history currently knows. A recent book, soon to be republished, includes the decoding of the Giza pyramids, a vibrational numerological and vibrational system applied globally, as well encoded data regarding Earth's cyclical timing and the places on Earth of 'vibrational' significance. If you are familiar with Cymatics, that will initiate entry into this topic.

    Having said that and substantially cutting to the chase, the numerology is extremely precise and indicate places in the landscape that were marked if you will by mountains, roads, tombs, buildings, monuments, building elements, symbols etc. by the view attuned literally to this system. Unintentionally, deviations between modern maps and place names emerged from this research indicating that some sweeping charges occurred to the 'geography of History' that was not simply a result of ethnic migrations.

    the people known as the greeks were in fact originally located in Western Scotland, whose island nations still hold many allusions to this culture. Referred to as the Hebrides today, this is the home of the Hebrew people, the followers of Abraham, also known as the Hyksos, tho later did migrate due to the eruption of Hekla, found their way to Egypt and built the pyramids. They carried in their culture the wisdom and knowledge of the few survivors of the glacial melts thousands of years earlier. To the east of Scotland were tribes known as Roma or Romany Gypsies. Several groups, including Aegyptians. Not to be confused with Egyptians, aspires to assume control of Edinburgh, Scotland and the losers were exiled. This includes the ORMa Gypsies and the Guidi peoples. Making their way across Northern Europe, they met the Khazars in modern day Poland and the madness of modernity and the modification of history commenced. I've left out 90% due to length.

    To tie this in, the migrations Westward, the creep of Christianity, was part of the ancient agenda to reclaim Edinburgh as well several hundreds years after the exile to spread the empire. The roman legions were stopped by the Scots and Hadrian built his wall. There's a second wall to the North called the Antonine Wall between which the land was known as Palestine literally meaning 'Between the Walls'. This land, the Biblical Landscape, ties to the understand of the vibrational sciences, a discipline and measure lost due to political agendas and religiosity.

    Built into this story are the deceivers, who adopted other's identities to pull this off. The book mentioned (unnamed due to repeated accusations of marketing) describes how three religions were formed who would fight over the wrong holy land became a central theme to the madness, so yeah, the 'creepers' wanted far more, imposed further afield and mangled cultural history in order to install false histories while fully in bed with what are now traditions understood to be at odds with this massive effort.

    Starting though with a comparison of maps and the numerology that proves this, sheds a light on an expanded version of the Westward March (returning home if you will) to enact and reclaim holy (Whole Ley) lands that they failed to reclaim as their own. And by the way, Dan Brown was on the right track in his Davinci Code. Roslyn (Rose Line) Chapel is situated at the exact center of a landscape construction with Edinburgh situated at the top. Giza points directly there!

  3. Ironically we see evolution in action with these different religions trying to take over…. Not just the strongest and fittest, but the meanest and nastiest too.

    What hope for the human race?


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