Catholic League’s Donohue: No institution ‘has less of a problem’ with sexual abuse than the Catholic Church

By Kyle Mantyla | 15 April 2014
Right Wing Watch

The Catholic Church has far less of a problem with the sexual abuse of minors than other major institutions, says Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue was a guest of “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV where he was asked by guest-host Ed Berliner what Pope Francis could do to “clean up the Catholic Church” and put an end to the sexual abuse of children within the church.

Donohue responded that there was not much the Pope could do … mostly because sexual abuse of children is not a problem in the church any more.

“This problem that took place,” Donohue asserted, “was between approximately 1965 and 1985. That coincides with the sexual revolution and then the discovery of AIDS in ’81.”

“What I am saying,” he continued, “is that this problem has largely been checked.”

Declaring that other institutions, such as public schools, have a much worse problem with sexual abuse than does the church, Donohue said there was no problem for Pope Francis to even address.

“So what can this Pope do? About what? I mean, I don’t know of a single institution which has less of a problem, proportionately speaking, today than the Catholic Church when it comes to the sexual abuse of minors”:

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  1. Bill Donohue, keeping it classy! all those alter boys flaunting their prepubescent bodies, tiny penis protruding from their jeans…slutty, slutty, children.

    • I think he means the Catholic Church has less of a problem raping children than other paedophile rings. The Catholic Church has access to far more children, has more lawyers, politicians and police in their pocket and can cover up for themselves much easier than the average lone child rapists. He's right.

  2. Given the extent to which the Catholic Church funds child abusers, helps cover them up, protect them from both authorities and the public, and facilitates them having easy access to a wide variety of victims, I would say he is right. They clearly do not have any problem with it.


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