Televangelist compares Trump to Jesus’ disciples: ‘Every one of them were Donald Trumps’

By Walter Einenkel | 29 November 2016
Daily Kos

Rick Joyner. (YouTube, screenshot)

Right Wing Watch does God’s work for many of us. They listen and watch and persevere through hours and hours of right wing bile every week, in order to show us what some people on the right are saying out loud, into microphones. Rick Joyner, for those who are blissfully unawares is a religious type pastor figure at Morning Star Ministries. These are end of the world extremist Christians who believe, not unlike ISIS, that they have to take over and oppress anyone who is not in line with their version of the Gospel. Joyner has been one of the many hypocrites evangelists who loudly supported Donald Trump’s run for President. He’s also clearly overwhelmed by the unpopular win as this gives him that much more access to power—for God of course. He was on some inane Christian-thumping show, you know the type, speaking calmly and smiling while saying truly horrific and insane things.

Joyner said that he met with Trump once before the election and discussed Trump’s plans to address illegal immigration. During the discussion, Joyner claimed, he “saw the tears well up” in Trump’s eyes at the thought that his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants could split up families.

“He was about to bust out crying,” Joyner claimed. “He said, ‘We can’t do that, we can’t hurt the families, we’ve got to fix that.’”

After my mind threw up listening to this drivel, Joyner took it to another level in Dante’s Inferno with this little bit of knowledge.

“If you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump,” Joyner later declared. “Every one of them were Donald Trumps.”

It is times like this that I wish the Messiah were going to come back and punish the evil and wicked because it’s charlatans like Rick Joyner that would feel the heat.

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  1. He speaks for most republicans , I have very close friends who feel the same way.They think Trump was sent by God to cleanse the world of anyone who bucks the GOP . The GOP may survive but I have my doubts.They may damage this nation to a point that it may take years to correct, but I feel we will come back as a fair and loving Nation.I never dreamed that I would witness anything like this in our country.We are being dictated by a group who had been planning this for a long time . The RNC told all their reps in both houses to reject anything that Obama pushed being it right or wrong , this was the start of the collapse .May we rebound and make this Nation survive .

    • Joyner was only right about one Apostle- Judas- and he did the right thing and hung himself immediately after the betrayal- something no republican would do.

    • Tom, thank you for expressing the truth so succinctly and so eloquently. So many times, I see nothing but pro Trump drivel. It is refreshing to see someone who “gets it!!” Thanks for your candid but very accurate comments. They are appreciated!!!

  2. I am a born again Christian; my grandfather was a baptist preacher. I am appalled at your comparing trump with anything spiritual. He is a great actor; more like Judas. Pray for him and especially pray for this nation.

  3. I am agnostic. I don't pray. But even if I did I couldn't pray for this septic piece of garbage, Drumpf. Nor would I pray for this phony, self-professed Christian.

    • Oh please, the only God Trump believes in is that of the god of money, any kind of money, dollars, pounds, euros, yens, pesos you name it. How can you be so naive?


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