Televangelist says God will send earthquakes to punish counties that voted for Hillary Clinton

By Robert Mainville | 22 November 2016
Right Wing Watch

Televangelist Jim Bakker. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker reacted to the presidential election results by prophesying that God will punish people who live in counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Bakker pointed to a map that showed the results of the election by county and said that “if you live in the blue—any spot that’s blue—I would say, ‘Oh God, help me. Oh God forgive me.’ Because those are the ones who came against the will of God in this election.”

“I just want to tell you, God has spoken to me, I’ve seen under the ground in California, in LA, and God spoke to me that in Los Angeles alone there is going to be such an earthquake come that literally the big buildings will be laying on their sides, all of LA is going to collapse,” he added.

Bakker’s cohost Zach Drew agreed, warning that counties that voted for Clinton will receive God’s judgment: “If you look at California, the east side of California is red by county and the west side is blue. And where do all of the fault lines, where do all the prophetic words happen to plant themselves? It’s on the far-west of the West Coast. It’s the blue. Now you got to understand, judgment is not coming for them because they voted for Hillary Clinton, it’s because they voted for a platform. They voted for a platform that is so incredibly pro-abortion, anti-Bible.”

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  1. Why doesn’t Jim Bakker speak out against right-wing Republicans who want nothing more than to eliminate Social Security to further impoverish seniors and disabled, wipe out food stamps and welfare to starve and hurt the poor, and get rid of veterans’ medical benefits? And why doesn’t he call out the most hated, arrogant, bigoted, and vile president we’ve ever had who has passed so many harmful executive orders? It’s because Jim Bakker is a phony Christian and give the rest of us real Christians who try really hard to follow Jesus, a bad name!


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