Christian pastor lashes out at ‘liberal society’: Stoning gays is part of ‘the mindset of God’

By Thamiel Rosenkreuz | 17 August 2015
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Pastor Ben Bailey. (Screen grab / The Gospel of Christ)

Pastor Ben Bailey is a man with a vision.

And thank God he’ll never be able to fulfill that vision. According to the Pastor from McMinnville, Tennessee, the reason why society doesn’t stone LGBT people anymore — who he thinks is deserving — is because it’s “liberal.” And in a recent video, the pastor went on a tear, railing against that “liberal society.”

As the pastor of Central Church of Christ, Ben Bailey has a very important job: fighting the culture wars. Or, in this case, rearranging the deck chairs on the Conservative Titanic called “opposition to gay marriage.”

In a Sunday broadcast for The Gospel of Christ television program, Bailey attacked couples who were looking for churches with “relaxed and liberal views” … by which he means views in-tune with the millennium that we live in; quoth Pastor Bailey:

Things like women preaching, women leading in service, where homosexuals and gay marriage were accepted openly.

He continued, “They were just looking for something liberal. Something that didn’t criticize or condemn or didn’t have any hardcore standards on anything — anything goes type of mentality.”

He disagreed, and what followed was a 3:14 long temper tantrum, railing against the modern world for not caring about his religion, and about what God apparently wants:

He has a definite standard and it is not the liberal mindset that we see today. This book [the Bible] does not condone things like women preaching… Paul said I do not let a woman preach be in authority over a man, that’s not according to the Bible. If I’m out to please God, we don’t find things like that in the Bible.

I’m not out to please god. I don’t care about him or Paul. Paul is indistinguishable from a modern-day MRA troll, and his thoughts mean as much to me. Bailey’s just angry that he’s part of a generation that’s slowly fading into the background static of the universe.

He continued:

God does not approve of homosexuality or gay marriage. The scripture says… that is vile, unnatural and deserving of a penalty… It’s an abomination that under the Old Testament deserved stoning.”

And so, is our God, the God of Bible, wanting us to go somewhere where it’s liberal, relaxed views and anything goes. No, that’s the effect of a very liberal society. And we need to make sure that such is not the idea or the mindset of God.

Your God, pastor. Even if I did believe in a God, they’d have nothing in common with the theological abortion you worship.

Watch the Pastor’s Temper Tantrum below:

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  1. Basing anything on the Bible is like basing it on Gulliver’s Travels. Extremely absurd and foolish unless you can produce evidence that the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution, etc., is wrong.

  2. jesus never condems Gay people and jesus is the end of the law. let the one without sin cast the first stone!!
    There's enough hate in the world already, why would someone want to add to that hate? what about love, what about compassion?
    If God hates gays, then anwser me this, why is there so many of us? why would God create a kingdom for all people if most people were going to burn in hell??? Wouldn't that be a waste of time?
    If people think its OK to stone Gay people to death, is that not going against Gods commandments " thou shall not murder" ( its abit contradictory if you ask me)
    People have to take into consideration that the Bible was written many years ago, who's to say that man hasn't added to the scriptures and made it the way they wanted it, nobody knows. Don't get me wrong, I do have faith, I do beleive in God but my God is a loving God and yes I'm a gay christian. Do I beleive i'm going to burn in hell for loving someone of the same gender, the anwser is NO. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless you all…….

  3. Thank you to all who expressed the love of God even to the hateful . It is so hard not to hate people like is said to love the sinner and hate the sin. I can’t go around gritting my teeth all the time. I have stood up in defence of the gay, transgender and bisexual….whatever. All are loved and can stand with God.

  4. I bet he believes the old testament is done away with too. Eating pork is an abomination, too, Pastor Pork chop. Nit picking of the worst kind.


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