Pastor Claims He Has Seen Aborted Fetuses Hug Jesus In Heaven

By Jen Froderman | 20 March 2016
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Pastor Jesse Duplantis. (Jesse Duplantis Ministries / screen grab)

Pastor Jesse Duplantis is a religiot of epic proportions, on par with the likes of Kenneth Copeland and the “Godfather” of incomprehensible religiosity, Pat Robertson. One small difference makes this “pastor” even more deserving of the ridicule of those who use their brains: he claims to have been in heaven, seen everything there in detail and to have all of the answers that the mentally-disturbed faithful ask of him.

In fact, he is now claiming that heaven takes on all aborted babies as well as any child who dies before the “age of accountability.” Speaking on aborted fetuses, he says any child that “the world rejects, heaven accepts.” Ok, that is kinda odd, does that mean that children that the almighty does not allow to be born (and therefore, were rejected by God himself) are not accepted? That was probably just an oversight in his presentation, right?

Here is the rub, if the children who die are in the same “looking” body as they were when they died (or they wouldn’t have appeared as children hugging Jesus in heaven) then what kind of heaven is there for a fetus? Most abortions happen when fetuses are unrecognizable as humans, just basically a bunch of cells… how does a bunch of cells hug Jesus?

But, he has seen these “kids” hugging Jesus in the “new heaven” that he just can’t wait to get back to. Because going there the first time just made him a millionaire on Earth, totally rejecting biblical principals of austerity and poverty being the best way to serve the Lord. I guess, though, that the irony of an angry Jesus in the bible throwing the riches of the temple and flogging rich priests is lost on this rapture-seeking troglodyte.

Seriously, this is a one or the other thing, either there are children in heaven because they died as children, or they get new bodies that are at their prime – meaning no children. This charlatan is claiming not only are all bodies made new, there are children in heaven including fetuses who are stuck at the age they were at death, which is clearly paradoxical and completely insane.

Gross and inane, watch this horrifyingly energetic fraud speak about his favorite fantasies here:

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  1. If aborted fetuses go straight to heaven and get to hug Jesus, why are the Christians so dead set against abortion?

  2. Duplantis, his a joke.
    All you have to do is remember his. Last name,
    I remember a j,g duplantis he was just like jessie he would screw you over for a dollor,i remember j,g. Duplantis made a promise to a old lady if she would give him her land he was going to take care of her needs,he peomise to take care of her,but what he did was put her in an olds folkes,knowing she wasn’t in her right mind to give him anything,
    She didn’t have any family to leave her land too, so he took advantage of her.
    Now remember he already had a bunch of land that he didn’t do much with but he wanted her land because it was next to he lied to her about taking care if her.
    Got my point.

  3. Hey! They went to Heaven! It’s that the goal of Christians‍♂️ What’s the issue here? These People are deranged

  4. You do realize Jesse Duplantis is a man of God and a prophet right? You’re in for a rude awakening if you think this life is it. No one is perfect but yea there’s people who went to heaven because God brought them there. You need Gif in your life.


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