Please stop saying “I’m personally opposed to abortion but…”

By annrose | 24 April 2017
Daily Kos

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Rant warning.

Nobody really cares what you have done or might do in an abortion situation.

If you’re a politician, all we care about is whether or not you will uphold Roe v. Wade as the law of the land and refuse to support efforts to curtail abortion access.

I’ve worked with abortion clinics for over 40 years and I’ve seen all sorts of situations and justifications.

What you would predict that you would do today in a specific life situation that might include abortion as an option means nothing. It means nothing because nobody can predict how they will react when they are REALLY REALLY in the situation.

You might say today that you would absolutely choose abortion. Yet, when that pregnancy test comes back positive, you might decide otherwise and have a baby.

On the other hand, you might say that you would never ever have an abortion or encourage anyone else to have an abortion. But circumstances often present a challenging perspective. I’ve seen many anti-abortion protesters actually come into the clinic they are protesting and get an abortion. Then go right back on that picket line. They justify this by saying something like: “Well, I’ve got a good reason and all these other women are sluts.”

We only care about what politicians have done in this regard if they are hypocritical and have had an abortion, or their wife or girlfriend or daughter has had an abortion and they are trying to make abortion illegal for everyone else.

So politicians, here is notice. In general, we don’t care about what you would or have done. We care about whether or not you would support the right to abortion for everyone. This does not need a disclaimer that you are “really against abortion for yourself, but…” Don’t fall into the trap of playing both sides against the middle.

State it clearly.

You are either in favor of legal abortion or want to make it illegal.

No ifs, ands, or butts. (and I mean “butt”).

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  1. Someone needs to take a course in basic logic.

    If one’s stated personal beliefs about abortion are irrelevant because they are contextual, then so too are one’s stated voting intentions, as they are equally contextual. The events in one’s personal life inevitably affect one’s decisions in other areas; to say “We care about whether or not you would support the right to abortion for everyone” is to ignore that legislators’ voting decisions are similarly affected, and is thus idiotic.

  2. I am more disgusted by the "personally opposed" Pontius Pilates than I am about wholehearted advocates for abortion.


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