Creationist claims that ‘satanic giants’ built Stonehenge

    By Thamiel Rosenkreuz | 16 April 2016
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    Stonehenge is a magnificent structure and testament to human engineering and will. Like the pyramids, it’s one of the few wonders of the ancient world still standing. However, as amazing as it is, its purpose and function are a subject to as much debate as how the structure was built. Not all of that debate is logical.

    You see, according to one creation “scientist,” Stonehenge is the result of “satanic giants” who want to destroy Israel.

    Tools of the Devil

    Stonehenge as we know it existed fully by 1600 BCE, but the very first stages of construction were laid down around 3500 BCE according to modern archaeologists. Unfortunately, the civilization that gave us Stonehenge didn’t have writing, so they left no records for us.

    This means trying to figure out their motivation becomes a guessing game — dangerous but not unfamiliar territory for anyone in anthropology. Uncertainty, after all, is the name of the game in science.

    This uncertainty drives creationists nuts. They need that absolutism, that black-and-white, clearly defined certainty to feel comfortable. This explains their hair-brained lunacy and near constant effort to try and force this black-and-white thinking on reality, as Dr. Dennis Lindsay demonstrated on Wednesday.

    Lindsay is a creationist pseudo-scientist who is the chief executive officer for Christ For The Nations, Inc., or CFNI, which is an international Bible school founded in the 1970s. Lindsay joined discredited Televangelist Jim Bakker on his program to explain what really caused Stonehenge — a race of satanic giants.

    Now, this set up reminds me of a popular speculative fiction narrative. Whether they’re Forerunners from Halo or the Númenor on Middle Earth, the idea of an ancient race of magically inclined (or techno-magically inclined) beings that existed “in the time before” is a pretty common trope.

    In the case of Lindsay, the magical race of ancients who are behind Stonehenge are actually giants who were tools of the devil. The same devil who wants to destroy Israel, because:

     …he’s out to destroy God’s creation and his whole plan of redemption and contaminate the human race.

    Satan created these demon giants because he wanted to “have his own seed and make his own family” who would attack Israel:

    He build his little squatter’s hut up there on the Temple Mount, you know that temple, because he knows what the Bible says about that place. I weaved through why and what is the evidence for giant beings on this earth. We all know about Stonehenge, right? That’s just one of hundreds and hundreds of gigantic places around the world that testify that some sort of supernatural power or giants were involved in its construction.

    Actually, it doesn’t. It speaks to the cunning of human engineering.

    This is actually a reoccurring problem with creationists — they assume our ancestors were super competent when they need them to be (for instance, to build Noah’s ark) but incompetent when they need humans to be incompetent (for instance, building Stonehenge).

    The difference between us and ancient humans is the societal complexity and information overload of modern existence. We’re better at categorizing and retrieving information on average, but we’re not more intelligent. That creationism and primitive atavistic ideologies like libertarianism exist prove that much.

    Watch the video below:

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