Public Schools In Kentucky Can Now Teach The Bible

By Diana Fletcher | 28 June 2017
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Gov. Matt Bevin. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

The Republicans are at it again — this time by passing a bill that will allow public schools in Kentucky to teach the Bible.

WDRB reports that the man responsible for this is Gov. Matt Bevin. It was publicly signed at the Capitol on Tuesday. The bill, which easily passed the House and Senate, gives local school boards the option of developing a Bible literacy class as part of their social studies curriculum. The course is also meant to be an elective and not required.

The bill’s sponsor said students need to understand the role the Bible played in American history.

“It really did set the foundation that our founding fathers used to develop documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” said Rep. D.J. Johnson (R-Owensboro). “All of those came from principles from the Bible.”

Is actually examining the Bible truly necessary to look at American history? Will it even be an examination of the Bible? What about other religious texts? It smells more like a guise to teach the Bible as if it’s Sunday School in public schools.

I’m not the only one that thinks so, either. The ACLU of Kentucky said it’s concerned about how the law might be used in schools.

“A Bible literacy bill that, on its face, may not appear to be unconstitutional, could in fact become unconstitutional in its implementation,” said Advocacy Director Kate Miller. “We want to make sure that teachers can teach and make sure that they don’t go in to preach,” Miller said.

Miller told WDRB News the ACLU will monitor the law closely.

Honestly, if religion is that important to you, stick your child in private school. If you think you can’t, find a way.

“The idea that we would not want this to be an option for people in school, that would be crazy. I don’t know why every state would not embrace this, why we as a nation would not embrace this,” Bevin told the crowd.

Well, the answer should be obvious. Because public schools are not meant to be held to any one particular religion. Though people like to say this nation was founded on Christianity, it was actually founded on freedom of religion. People wanted to practice their beliefs freely without the beliefs of others shoved down their throats.

Unfortunately, all we can do is watch, wait, and hope that this bill will be in the trash before long.

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  1. In fact all religions – all without exception – should be welcome in public schools as a subject of inquury, but with a caveat: first prepare the mind worthy of such inquiry by teaching the students science. Without science no religion should be welcome in public schools.

  2. Forcing a god onto the people is a theocracy.
    A theocracy is tyranny over the people.
    We, the people, have a right to overthrow a tyranny.
    And we are all legally armed for this purpose…..

  3. Can other religions push to have their own classes to be taught?
    I think with all of the cool ritual items, that Wiccan would be quite popular. Some of the songs are awesome too.

    My question is, with all of the religions that there are, and if they equally represent them, when will our children learn math, science, english, literature or realsocial studies and not just myth?

    And when are churches going to start paying taxes when they have become so entwined with the state? It is unconstitutional.

  4. Keep it up and you'll see a lot more militant atheists. I like to let Christians have their beliefs and stay friendly but when they start forcing their beliefs down people's throats I'm going to do the same on every front. I'll preach to their children outside the school if it comes to that.


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