Vatican’s 3rd most powerful figure charged with multiple child sex offences

By Rob Beschizza | 28 June 2017
Boing Boing

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the third-ranking official in the Vatican, has been charged with multiple sexual offences by police. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Cardinal George Pell, former Archbishop of Sydney and Australia’s most senior figure in the Catholic Church, was charged with child sex offences Thursday by the state of Victoria.

Pell currently resides in the Vatican, according to The Guardian, where he is the third-highest ranking church official.

Last year, citing ill health, Pell declined to return to Australia to give evidence to the royal commission on child sexual abuse in person last year and instead gave evidence by videolink from Rome. He voluntarily participated in an interview with Victorian police officers in Rome last October over the alleged sexual assaults.

In February this year the Australian Senate called on the cardinal to return home “to assist the Victorian police and office of public prosecutions with their investigation into these matters”.

Pell dismissed the parliamentary resolution as “an interference on the part of the Senate in the due process of the Victoria police investigation”.

Pell is a former archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne. Since 2014 Pell has been prefect of the secretariat for the economy, the Vatican’s treasurer.

A keen test of Pope Francis’s pretensions.

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  1. And the church claims to show the lay people good from bad. Calims that it spreads morality. And what does the Pop do, he proscribes the victims until he is pushed to the wall and then prescribes penitence and penance to the child molesters under him. Quite a scam.

  2. It’s rife in all religions including the Jehovas witnesses,Methodist, and Baptist Church child molestation is,all over and easier to hide behind the church who will protect you, look at the Mormons it’s all organized religions to keep the masses at bay to hide th et m from what’s really going on in the world, is called “keep them simple stupid” while we the illuminated ones weave our Web, ppl wake up before it’s too late

  3. There are secrets in high places in many religious organizations. The secrecy makes their leaders feel a superior. We can only come to the Lord Jesus one by one with our hearts and minds. There is no church by any name that can guarantee a ticket to Heaven. Every unkind word, evil thought, and selfish act will be revealed on Judgment Day. Every day we need to ask forgiveness of God because we fall short always. Especially in our judgment of others. We will stand before a loving and merciful God one day. It is our eternal hope.


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