Trump Judicial Nominee: Transgender Children Are Part Of ‘Satan’s Plan’ Of ‘Destruction’

    By Conover Kennard | 20 September 2017
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    In a pair of 2015 speeches, Trump’s nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas described transgender children as evidence of “Satan’s plan”, lamented that states were banning conversion therapy and argued that sanctioning same-sex marriage would lead to polygamy and bestiality.

    Donald Trump’s nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas sounds like Michele Bachmann in his defense of conversion therapy, a discredited and dangerous practice. That practice, which claims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, has been rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organization for decades. So naturally, Donald Trump’s judicial pick, Jeff Mateer, the current first assistant attorney general of Texas, thinks it’s a swell idea.

    At the time Mateer was serving as general counsel of the First Liberty Institute (have you noticed the ‘liberty’ never means what they think it means?), he faced criticism from LGBT rights groups.

    Flashback: As the GOP nominee, Donald Trump said, “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me.”

    And then he chose a bigot as his vice-president and now a judicial nominee with his head up his a**.

    If Mateer is confirmed by the US Senate, he will serve on the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

    CNN reports:

    In a May 2015 speech, titled “The Church and Homosexuality,” Mateer discussed a Colorado lawsuit in which the parents of a transgender girl sued her school for preventing her from using the bathroom of her choice.

    “In Colorado, a public school has been sued because a first grader and I forget the sex, she’s a girl who thinks she’s a boy or a boy who thinks she’s a girl, it’s probably that, a boy who thinks she’s a girl,” Mateer said in a video posted on Vimeo in 2015.

    “And the school said, ‘Well, she’s not using the girl’s restroom.’ And so she has now sued to have a right to go in. Now, I submit to you, a parent of three children who are now young adults, a first grader really knows what their sexual identity?” he said. “I mean it just really shows you how Satan’s plan is working and the destruction that’s going on.”

    Trump, however, said in April that people should “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.” Apparently, that’s all changed now as he picks staunch and extreme conservatives to fill his administration and now, judicial posts.

    In that same May 2015 speech, Mateer said that the Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage could lead to what he called “disgusting” new forms of matrimony.

    “I submit to you that there’ll be no line there,” he said. “Why couldn’t four 4 people wanna get married? Why not one man and three women? Or three women and one man?”

    “I mean, it’s disgusting. I’ve learned words I didn’t know. I mean, other than…my assistants here, have you ever heard the word ‘throuple’? ‘Throuple’ so that’s three people coming together of different sexes, maybe mixed sexes,” he continued as if he couldn’t stop himself. “Them coming together. There are people who marry themselves. Somebody wanted to marry a tree. People marrying their pets. It’s just like — you know, you read the New Testament and you read about all the things and you think, ‘Oh, that’s not going on in our community.’ Oh yes, it is. We’re back to that time where debauchery rules.”

    Later that year in November 2015, Mateer blasted states for banning gay conversion therapy at a conference hosted by controversial pastor Kevin Swanson, who preaches that the Biblical punishment for homosexuality is death. Swanson has called for executing gays and he did that at an event packed with GOP candidates.

    “The issue is always, it’s same sex,” Mateer said, according to CNN. “And if you’re giving conversion therapy, that’s been outlawed in at least two states and then in some local areas. So they’re invading that area.”

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