You won’t believe what the Bible ACTUALLY says about abortion

This post by Walt Dismay originally appeared at Addicting Info.


Jesus is the greatest abortionist of all time. Oh, don’t take MY word for it! Read the Bible, it’s all in there. God commands his followers to kill pregnant women all over the place! Did you think Noah’s Flood only killed adults? Don’t be ridiculous! There were plenty of children, newborns and innocent fetuses that got tossed in the dustbin of history so Noah and his family could start over.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Here we go, just another dirty godless liberal mocking the name of my Lord! How dare he?!” Well guess what, Bunky? How dare YOU? Yeah you, Mr. (or Mrs.) “I vote Republican because they protect life just like Jesus would except for the bombing of innocents by the tens of thousands, the death penalty, opposition to healthcare for all, a gun fetish to make Rambo blush and the hysterical belief that feeding poor children constitutes theft!” But other than those little details, you’re a Christian! And that makes you better than everyone else, right? You’re so much better, in fact, that you and your fellow Christians! have decided that you can tell the rest of us how to live our lives. Especially with regards to abortion. You’ve really got quite the hard-on for abortion. Why, you’re willing to shoot them up and set clinics on fire. Just like Jesus would!

But the reality is that the Bible is quite in favor of abortion. I’ll let Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian explain it to you:

Oops! Did you even know the Bible has an actual recipe for an abortifacient? Surely you did! You love the Bible and follow it religiously! In reality, most conservative Christians have no idea that God regularly orders the death of the unborn. This is what happens when you base your politics on a book that you haven’t bothered to actually read. You take extreme positions on issues without understanding how diametrically opposed you are to what your religious documents really stand for.

Like I said at the beginning, don’t take my word for it! Read the Bible. I dare you.

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  1. Name the book chapter and verse where God supports abortion! The 5th commandment "Thou shall not commit murder". I personally cannot differentiate between murder and abortion.

    • Abortion recipe is Numbers 5:15-22 according to the linked video. Numerous passages all with chapter and verse also referenced in video where unborn children were collateral damage from carrying God’s commands. There are so many, it’s shocking to realize, but they all are bonafide when looked up.

    • Read Noah's ark. Every pregnant woman and child in the world was killed by your GOD. Read Deuteronomy and leviticus where God orders the killing of every man woman and child (including pregnant women) but keep the little virgins as sex slaves… your all knowing GOD killed every first born but had to have you paint your door red so he knew who was his chosen…FFS… and don't forget Jesus tells us he is here to UPHOLD the laws of the ancient prophets, so do't bring up the OT vs NT crap…

  2. The real question is when does life begin. It's right there in Genesis,

    " then the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being ".

    There you have it, life starts with the first breath. Until that embryo takes a breath it is nothing more than a appendix of the woman.
    Note please do not tell me that's not what it means, it is pretty much clear and what you would be saying is to take your word over that of Gods as to what it means.

    • You do know that the Bible is mostly fable and tales from the Stone Age written by goat-herders, and to use statements from a Bible is nonsense and therefore has no intelligent relevance.?.


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