Ohio considers total ban on abortion and death penalty for women or doctors found guilty

Bill makes no exceptions for rape, incest or risk to mother's life

By Zamira Rahim | 20 November 2018
The Independent

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Politicians in Ohio are considering passing a bill that could allow abortions to be punishable with life sentences in prison and even the death penalty.

The proposed law, House Bill 565, would extend the definition of a person in Ohio’s criminal code to include the “unborn human”.

This would mean that a foetus, from conception to birth, would be considered a person, leaving people who perform or undergo abortions vulnerable to severe criminal penalties.

House Bill 565 makes no exception for pregnancies arising from rape or incest or which risk the life of the mother.

The Ohio legislature is controlled by the local Republican party.

The bill would not only criminalise abortion but also defines the process as “causing the death of an unborn human, by any method, including, but not limited to, chemical methods, medical methods, and surgical methods.”

Although the document does not include miscarriages, it is unclear how an unintended termination would be proven by a woman or doctor under scrutiny.

The bill was proposed in March and is awaiting consideration by the legislature’s health committee.

House Bill 565 is only the latest bill to be introduced in the Ohio legislature that seeks to severely limit abortion rights.

The so-called ‘heartbeat bill’, which would criminalise performing abortions at the point a foetal heartbeat is detected, was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives on 15 November.

Most women are unaware of their pregnancy at this point.

Doctors who perform an abortion on a foetus with a heartbeat could be punished with up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine, according to The New York Times.

The ‘heartbeat bill’ will now pass to the Ohio state Senate.

Governor John Kasich has threatened to veto the controversial bill if it reaches his desk, according to local newspaper The Columbus Dispatch

A 3/5 majority vote in both the Ohio House of Representatives and state Senate would be needed to override the Republican governor’s veto.

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  1. This place a premium on detecting the pregnancy at the earliest possible moment, and on a method that does not require any assistance from anyone. Of course medication abortion fits this bill. All women buy misoprostol online and entirely privately. they keep it handy. If drugstore pregnancy test is positive, take the pills. So a uncounted totally private abortion. So the objective of this legislation is not to stop abortion it is to make abortion disappear statistically. Abortion doesnt stop it is just not counted anymore.

    • Until misoprostol is listed as a Schedule I drug. It might still be available, but it won't be cheap. Most drug dealers wouldn't be willing to traffic in misoprostol because unlike say, cocaine, possession of misoprostol would be considered conspiracy to commit murder, as there would be no use for it besides committing murder. Forget drug trafficking, the traffickers and distributors would be seen as terrorists, as though they were trafficking chemical weapons.

  2. This is pro-life?
    I am pro-choice. That does not mean pro-abortion. It means it should be up to those involved. If your not involved, it is none of your damn business. Being pro-choice doesn't mean you would be forced to have abortions, just you would have the option.

      • no. It is valuing a fully grown, fully autonomous, entirely sentient being over that of a clump of cells that may or may not result in life. It is trusting that a woman knows herself and her circumstances more than a random stranger. It is having agency over ones own body. Get over yourself.

  3. Give these overbearing Evangilical christian saltine privileged conservatives no sex..take their jobs and overturn this type of Legslative over reach. If this passes in anyway tell men..the gate of pleasure is cut off and that they should buy a paper cup , a red sharpie to “represent the lipstick” around the rim and a box a d@mn tissues.

    Forced conscription is not mans divine right ..and by all means carry a high power stun gun and go for his junk and keep it in contact until that @$$ hole is sterilized if he starts anytging ever young lady start packing non lethal weapons but make sure its going to be for their junk!

  4. Meanwhile reduce their healthcare, WIC, day care assistance, and access to birthcontrol… because you care or don’t give a s—?

  5. Use a religion as your excuse – you Must bring your proof of your god!

    Until then – abortion is a personal matter, and not an issue of any government!!

    As these religions are controlling this – that is tyranny by theocracy and the People have the right to overthrow a tyranny!!!!


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