Pat Robertson Lashes Out At LGBTs, Says Pro-Gay Politicians Should Be ‘Voted Out Of Office’

By ursulafaw | 26 February 2019
Daily Kos

Back from praying to hurricanes to change course and into politics once more. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Evangelical wingnut Pat Robertson got his knickers all in a twist this morning. He was incensed over an appellate court in Philadelphia considering the issue of whether to renew a Catholic adoption agency’s contract with the City of Philadelphia. The agency doesn’t want to place foster children in LGBT homes, which is a violation of Philadelphia’s non-discrimination policy, and so the Catholic agency might lose it’s contract. That hits Robertson right where he lives, because he’s been hoping like hell that he can make his, and Mike Pence’s, “religious liberty” b.s. the law of the land, and send human rights and the LGBT people back to medieval times. So Robertson went on an epic rant. Right Wing Watch:

“The incredible thing about the homosexuals is they are willing to destroy lives and destroy the whole fabric of society so long as they and their weird way of doing sex is legitimized,” he said. “That’s what they want and they will take away everything; they will destroy marriage, they will destroy families, they will destroy, in this case, the foster children. They are willing to tear down the entire edifice in order to have the majority of people recognize the way they do sex.”

“I think if Christians begin to speak out and insist that if some politician goes along with the gay agenda, that they’re going to be voted out of office,” Robertson added. “Once they get that message, they’ll start saying, ‘We want to listen to the majority of the people in our society.’ Until they do, that small minority is going to be dominating everything we do and every aspect of our lives.”

Christians taking over the government is not a new idea to Robertson. He started preaching that particular gospel back in the 80’s. Yuricare Report:

During the 1980’s I began taping and transcribing Pat Robertson’s 700 Club show because of the alarming anti-Christian political philosophy he was endorsing. He began a drum beat for drastic political and cultural changes to this country.

Robertson’s guests did something I’d never seen before: they reversed the scriptures and called it immoral for the citizens to help the poor through taxation, which, by the way is expressly required in the Old Testament. The accusation was and is that taxation robbed the rich to help the poor.

On April 4, 1985, Billy Graham appeared on the show, and in a startling announcement said, “I’m for evangelicals “… getting control of the Congress, getting control of the bureaucracy, getting control of the executive branch of government. If we leave it to the other side we’re going to be lost.”

On September 25, 1985, Tim LaHaye, appeared in a film clip with Phyllis Schlafly on the show. In that clip, he laid out the plan to take over the government of the United States. He said:

“Suppose that every Bible believing church—all 110,000—decided to…raise up one person to run for public office and win… If every church in the next ten years did that, we would have more Christians in office than there are positions…there are only 97,000 elective offices.”

Robertson and his cronies are serious as a heart attack about stacking the courts with anti-gay judges and electing anti-gay politicians. In his rant on television Monday about the Philadelphia case, he made the point that the gay population is only two percent of the country. Robertson proposes a simple numbers game: since they’re such a small percentage of the populace, wipe them out. He didn’t phrase it that way. His words were, “They’re one or two percent but they’re so vocal and so authoritative, and they apparently dominate these legislative bodies.” The only one talking domination is Robertson, and his dog whistle was clear. They’re only a few people — but rather than do the moral thing and let them be, because they are only a few, he wants to eradicate them,  or drive them so far back into the closet that they might as well be eradicated. He hates the gays, so does Mike Pence. Even Trump admitted that about Pence, saying Pence, “wants to hang them all.”

Pence and the evangelicals have been way too successful in eroding gay rights in the age of Trump. Alternet:

Unfortunately, in the Trump administration, America seems to be backsliding on gay rights. Trump has eliminated LGBTQ protections for federal contractors and transgender accommodation guidelines for public schools, reinstated a ban on transgender military service, and urged federal courts to exclude sexual orientation from the Civil Rights Act’s sex protections.

Robertson’s got 28 Million people listening to his wingnut 700 Club broadcast. Who do you think voted for Donald Trump? Why do you think we’re stuck with Brett Kavanaugh for decades to come? There is nothing so dangerous as a monster who thinks he’s got God on his side, and the effect of religious wingnuts on this country, in this administration, is pernicious and constant. Robertson’s outburst today is just one more log on the fire.

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Pat Robertson: LGBTQ People Will Destroy Everything To Ensure Society Legitimizes ‘Their Weird Way of Doing Sex’

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  1. Whenever Pat Robertson talks about the "evils" of the LGBTQ community, for him, it ALL boils down to "their way of doing sex." He's just obsessed with gay sex, and I think it's because he looked it up and watched a video of it, and was just a teensy weensy turned on by it. So now, he's got to get on the 700 club and rail against "the gays," so he can prove to himself, and others, that he's not turned on by "their way of doing sex." I mean, he's so transparent.


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