Jesus wasn’t as nice as people make him out to be

    By John Draper | 21 February 2016

    I have this friend, a gay man struggling to come to terms with the fundamentalist Baptist religion he was raised in. He insists that he is a Red-Letter Christian. His point is, he doesn’t buy any of the harsh passages of the Bible—things like God commanding the Israelites to kill every Canaanite man, woman, child and animal.

    Just give me the pure words of Christ, he says, which in many Bibles are printed in red letters to make them stand out from the rest of the words. Hence Red-Letter Christian.

    The logic is that Jesus was all about sweetness and light—tolerance. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Truth is, Jesus was often a hard ass. Almost all of the references to hell in the Bible come from the mouth of Jesus. He was all about sending people to hell—separating the sheep from the goats.

    And so extreme! He said that if you hate your brother it’s as good as killing him. He said that if you think lustful thoughts about a woman it’s as good as sleeping with her, doing all sorts of untoward things. Right after saying that, he said that if you masturbate, you’re better off chopping off your hand. (Don’t take my word for it. Read the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew chapters 5-7.) Yes, it was hyperbole on Jesus’ part, exaggeration to make a point. But the point he was making was puritanical. Face it: Jesus was a prude. He was just like all the other conservative first-century Jews. He was a product of his environment.

    Intolerant at his core, too. Wait! says my gay friend and other liberal believers. Jesus always reached out to society’s castaways! True, Jesus consorted with all sorts of undesirables—but he always made sure they understood they needed to stop their wayward habits. “Go and sin no more,” he told the woman caught in adultery after saving her from a mob. His message: the End is nigh—really nigh—so start living according to the Torah. (“Be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him”—Luke 12:40.)

    Truth was, Jesus was exclusive. He was focused solely on the welfare of the Jewish people, getting them out from under the thumb of the hated Romans. He ministered to gentiles—whom he considered to be “dogs”—only by virtue of happenstance or hesitantly.

    Don’t take my word for it. Open your New Testament and read all the red letters. Come to the exercise with no preconceived notions of who Jesus is, to the extent that you can. See what you learn about Meek and Mild Jesus.

    Try it right now.

    John Draper is the author of the novel A Danger to God Himself.

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    1. There’s one article shared on this site that argued against Jesus’s existence I think this one just poke hole in that theory? The truth has been revealed with nag huumanni find…Jesus was a title given meaning savior (Holy Spirit) the catharsis refused to believe Jesus lived in the flesh he was always in spirit and only the savior can be in spirit to gnostic belief because they were anti materialists that’s why the Catholics butchered them there belief didn’t fit criteria of Catholic Church which was mosh podge of religions mixed together Judaism,Hellenistic,mithra,Gnosticism all mixed into one to serve the power of Rome and keep subjects enslaved.

      • Not really, the Catharis were declared heretic for they considered the god of the old testament as a separated entity from the god described by jesus, and declared the old testament god as the Demiurge, the evil false god who create the prison of matter. In fact, the Catharis considered Jesus a messenger from Sophia, the spiritual counterpart of the material, coming to earth to preach the escape of the prison.

        • Yes that is part of Cathars belief Jesus is the Holy Spirit with which one had to unite with to become saved Sophia is considered divine mother but also the mother of the demuirge which she created out of desire without the seed of God. The demuirge is that lower Manifestation which this being wanted to be a God and wanted to rule over subjects so he and 7 archons created the material realm and trapped souls of the divine to enslave them in this lower realm with the animal kingdom.

      • You are the dude of the day. You can see what others for centuries could not. The universe is more beautiful for it. Miraculous, but not a miracle. But your last sentence…to keep subjects enslaved. A bit off the mark. Quite the contrary (if we are talking citizens). The hodgepodge you mention is quite real. It was typical Roman doctrine to embrace other belief customs and incorporate. This all mixed into one to keep the peace by appeasing the masses who get to keep their celebrations and a sense of their culture. Some, like the Jews, said no thank you–all or nothing. And they were smashed to ruins and left without a land until the end of WWII. What a mess o' potamia, am I right?

    2. The only major hole in your argument is your references to the Holy Buybull! Many men wrote what is considered the word of god, but he did not write it!!! And it has been rewritten and reinterpreted so many times through the centuries by man, that I seriously doubt that there is ANY truth to it at all!!! As an atheist, I do not believe that any god created man, but rather that man created god in his own image, as well as ALL of the religions that have ever existed and the ones that are still hanging on and trying to be relevant today, but they are fighting a losing battle as more and more people around the world are starting to realize that religion is just a scam perpetrated to bring money in, therefore it is a business, that has done very well over the centuries, but their days are numbered as more and more people realize the truth about religion!!!

    3. "Truth was, Jesus was exclusive…" Um, actually, no. Truth was, Jesus was an imagining of a single human being well after this vision of the Messiah would have lived and died. Never lived in the flesh, but the spirit. The dude who made him up, King Sol, says so right in the buy-bull in his letters to Timothy from his prison. You know, the one he was in for makin' up stuff. So it's actually King Sol who was exclusive and judgmental. Like all Abrahamian sycophants around today.


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