GOP Virginia Candidate: ‘Ankle Bracelets’ to Curb Abortion (VIDEO)

    Rewire News reported:

    A Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, a hotly contested chamber in next month’s state elections, compared gun control to forcing pregnant people to wear “ankle bracelets” to prevent abortions.

    “How about this, contrarian? I’m going to impose common-sense restrictions on the constitutional right to an abortion? How about ankle bracelets? I don’t think very many people would agree with that,” said Bill Drennan, a Republican running in the state’s 87th district. Drennan’s comments, first reported on Monday by Lowell Feld at the progressive political blog Blue Virginia, were made at an October 16 forum co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Loudoun County and the Loudoun Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

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