Missouri lawmaker wants police officers to stop women from getting abortions

12 February 2020

Mike Moon has introduced a bill that would redefine fertilized egg as a person and effectively turn any attempt to terminate a pregnancy into murder. (Credit: Screengrab / Mike Moon / YouTube)

Mike Moon, a Missouri state representative who once beheaded a chicken on Facebook to make a point about abortion, wants police officers to stop women from terminating pregnancies.

The Guardian reports:

Mike Moon, a Republican Missouri state representative, introduced a bill he calls the Right to Due Process Act, which redefines a fertilized egg as a person with all the constitutional rights of any other citizen. The suggested law then requires police and the courts to “affirmatively enforce” the Missouri constitution’s due process clause which guarantees legal rights to people, effectively turning any attempt to terminate a pregnancy into murder.

Moon also filed a bill to “abolish” abortion in Missouri, and specifically cites “murder by abortion”. The law makes no exemptions for rape, incest or apparently for women who have pregnancies which are not viable and potentially fatal, since the proposals strike references to abortion exemptions for maternal health.

“These abortion bills are a key part of a larger agenda to codify a far-right evangelical Christian America,” said Rachel Laser, the president and CEO of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

In 2019, Missouri was one of a handful of states which passed a ferociously anti-abortion law called “heartbeat bills”, which bans abortion at six weeks (in Missouri’s case, abortion is banned at eight weeks). But Missouri’s law was not just a six-week abortion ban.

Vice News reports:

In a pair of bills introduced recently, Rep. Mike Moon proposed that Missouri treat fertilized eggs as human beings from the moment of conception, with all the rights that go with that designation. One of the bills, dubbed “The Right to Due Process Act,” establishes that fetuses are protected by the due process clause of Missouri’s constitution, which rules that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” And cops and the courts, the bill makes clear, must enforce that provision.

That would effectively make ending a pregnancy legally equivalent to murder; indeed, in the other bill, Moon cites “abortion as murder.”

In that bill, which would outlaw abortion in Missouri, there are no exceptions for rape or incest survivors. A similar ban passed in Alabama last year, sparking a nationwide outcry; it has since been blocked from taking effect.

Rep Moon has drawn comparisons between abortion and the Holocaust in the past. “The number of lives lost by abortion is more than we lost during slavery and during the Holocaust,” he said in February 2017. “We need to start looking at abortion in the same light as we do both of those tragic events.”

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  1. Here’s an idea Mike moon, stop being a punk and do your job. We all agree, abortion sucks and is A-not to be used as birth control, B-should be a last resort. However, you have more important things to work on right now. The idea that you and your base want to fully defund planned parenthood because you don’t agree with a woman’s right to choose, an issue that has been decided and accounts for only 3% of the services provided by PP, shows you to be disingenuous. What you’re really doing is taking much needed healthcare, for many women, their only source, from the most at risk. You are a typical drum beating Bible thumper who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

  2. Send this to all government officials sites,
    screen shoot it (and tell them) for legal purposes, and if blocked or deleted, Report to ACLU and FFRF
    They will sue!

    Get your State sponsorship of a religion off of the tax-funded public sites/service vehicles!

    Your city will be sued and you will lose the case and money – The People's money – and AFTER you have been fairly warned of the consequences!


    President Can't Block Critics on Twitter https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/201



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