Louisiana megachurch pastor urges followers to give their stimulus checks to churches

17 April 2020

(Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Pastor Tony Spell, the head of Louisiana’s Life Tabernacle Church who is facing misdemeanor charges for holding services despite a ban on gatherings, is asking people to donate their stimulus checks to evangelists.

In a video posted to YouTube, Spell encouraged the public to hand over their $1,200 checks and said he was starting the #PastorSpellStimulusChallenge.

#PastorSpellStimulusChallenge. Three rules.

Rule 1. April the 19th, 2020, it begins.

Rule 2. Donate your stimulus money.

Rule 3. Donate it to Evangelists. North American evangelists who haven’t had an offering in a month, missionaries who haven’t had an offering in a month, music ministers who haven’t had an offering in a month.

I’m donating my entire stimulus, $1,200. My wife is donating her stimulus, $1,200. My son is donating his stimulus, $600.

If you don’t have a church, give through my website.

As TMZ notes, “His challenge also doesn’t seem to consider many people are in desperate need of their stimulus money for food, rent or bills.”

You’ll recall Spell recently insisted that his parishioners wouldn’t mind dying as a result of attending his church, claiming that people who disagree support “tyranny”. He also drew headlines for announcing plans to hold a large service during Easter despite the outbreak, saying, “Satan and a virus will not stop us.”

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  1. Taking money from the poorest people in the country? Yeah, I remember that part where Jesus took money from the poor.

    Oh wait…..


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