Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “My first calling is to my Savior”

26 May 2020

(Credit: U.S. Department of State / Flickr / Public Domain)

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined a conference call with conservative pastors hosted by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins last month, reports Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery.

Pompeo told the pastors that he is working on two big projects: the high-level international conferences he has hosted to promote worldwide religious liberty, and the Commission on Unalienable Rights. The Commission on Unalienable Rights is worrying civil rights advocates but generating excitement among anti-LGBTQ Christian-right groups.

Pompeo has been a Christian-right favourite since his time in the House of Representatives. According to Montgomery, “Pompeo has helped open doors in other countries to allow Ralph Drollinger, who runs Bible studies for members of Trump’s cabinet and conservative members of Congress, to take his fundamentalist ideology into the upper echelons of other governments, where he teaches public officials that the Bible requires them to support a range of right-wing public policies.”

Pompeo’s remarks during the conference call strongly suggest that he is ignoring the tenet of separation of church and state to preach the gospel to foreign leaders:

I’ve been unabashed in my role as Secretary of State to talk about the fact that I swore an oath to the Constitution, but that my first calling is to my Savior. And I’ve made that something that I tell world leaders, whether I’m with President Sisi in Egypt or whomever, whatever faith they may be of or of no faith. And we’ve watched some of us be called out for that, to think that, to say that we don’t care about science, that we don’t care about the rule of law, all the things that I know we all care so deeply about.

My relationship with pastors across America, with Tony and all of you, reminds me of the important reason that I believe the Lord put me in this place to have this opportunity to make religious freedom such an important part of what this administration is doing.

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  1. Why suddenly does the government want to push religious rights which our diest founders want to keep out??
    Reason is to use their fantasy to control votes and money!
    His boss the chief religious hypocrite will use anything to get voters who want to take rights away from non believers!

  2. Then you should resign and enter the ministry and not waste your time associating with hooligan politicians.

  3. Pompeo, and the other members of trump’s cabinet, are Christian Dominionists. Their goal is to make this a Christian nation according to their beliefs, and their agenda is to dismantle our government and install their own theocracy. They’re well on their way.

  4. Their goal is a theocracy, the Christian version of sharia law.. with little to differentiate them except one worships allah and the other Christ. Women, lgbt, and people of color will fare badly. “The Handmaids Tale,” made real.


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