Bishop: Women should skip college so they are not smarter than their husbands

4 June 2020

Edir Macedo is a billionaire evangelical bishop and founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Edir Macedo, a billionaire evangelical bishop and founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Brazil, claims that women should not be allowed to go to college because if they do they will be smarter than their husbands. Yes, you read that right.

In a recorded speech, Macedo explained that he made his two daughters skip college so they wouldn’t become smarter than their eventual husbands.

When they went out, I said they would just go to high school and they wouldn’t go to college. My wife supported me, but the relatives found it absurd. Why don’t you go to college? Because if you graduate from a particular profession, you will serve yourself, you will work for yourself. But I don’t want that, you came to serve God.

Because if … she was a doctor and had a high degree of knowledge and found a boy who had a low degree of knowledge, he would not be the head, she would be the head. And if it were the head, it would not serve God’s will.

I want my daughters to marry a male. A man who has to be head. They have to be head. Because if they are not head their marriage is doomed to failure.

Macedo also suggested that a woman’s happiness is only possible through submission to a man and sending his daughters to college does not help them to submit.

As Progressive Secular Humanist notes, “Bishop Macedo is not alone when he advocates for not educating girls. It is a common theme expressed by many conservative Christians. For example, recently Christian radio host Jesse Lee Peterson claimed that educated women make bad wives and mothers.”

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  1. Men such as he do not represent religion. Cults such as his thrive on shouting, waving and thumping his Bible, and preaching the false religion of the Prosperity Gospel, as in: God wants you to be rich, and thousands upon thousands rush to join. Sadly, the leaders prosper greatly, but the impoverished remain impoverished.
    Big performances, shouting, crying and RELEASING folks of their demons. Followers dropping in the aisles (slain in th spirit) wondrous healings, etc
    This is not the true Christianity born of the Disciples, apostles, bishops who served their God and their churches.
    Subjugation of women to compensate for the failings and insecurities of weak men is not the Christian Church.
    This man is an abuser of women, first his submissive wife, then crushing his daughters and ENCOURAGING other men to ignore and mistreat women! What basic insecurity needs to make a woman SUBMIT to a man? There are some awful ignorant, DASD men out there – who want a wife even dumber than he is???
    Why do we let them breed?

  2. This ‘man’ is a fool. The intelligence it takes to run a household, keep a husband happy, schedule family events, etc. is already at a level well beyond most men’s capabilities. Trust me. Married twice. First husband was a judge, Princeton, and Columbia law. Run a household? Ha! He divorced me because I got fat. 5’7″ and 135# is only considered fat to supermodels and bulimics. Current husband, whom I adore, is good at so many things, but due to a disability, we have had to readjust the chores that I can be resresponsible for doing.
    If I had to play stupid to catch a husband, I would just rather not be married. I want my husband to be proud my my brains and my ability to use them.

  3. While Macedo’s views are frowned upon in many parts of the western world, The Christian Post recently reported that women in America are facing a significant shortage of highly educated “economically attractive” unmarried men who earn at least $53,000 and have a college degree.

  4. Bottom line: Like many conservative Christians, Bishop Edir Macedo argues that daughters should remain uneducated and skip college so that they re not smarter than their future husbands.


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