Professor Brian Cox says humans will soon be living on Mars

25 June 2020

(Credit: BBC)

Mankind has no choice but to colonise Mars if human beings are to have a future, physicist and science populariser Brian Cox has said. Currently a professor at Manchester University in the UK, Cox has found global fame as a presenter of documentaries, taking millions of viewers on virtual journeys through the galaxy. reports:

Professor Brian Cox has said humans will one day live on Mars and be the Martians of the future.

The pop star-turned-physicist said Mars is the only planet that humans will be able to go to and that it must happen as people cannot remain on Earth forever.

“It is actually the only place we can go beyond Earth,” he said.

“In any plausible scenario, there is nowhere else that humans can go to begin their step outwards from the planet, other than Mars. If you think of the other planets, there’s none of the others we can land on.”

“We are almost at a decision point in our civilisation that for the first time we have the technology and the will to turn ourselves into a multi-planet civilisation,” he told the Irish News in 2017. “That’s if we don’t have a big political setback or we don’t destroy ourselves in a nuclear war.”

One of the most persistent enthusiasts of Mars travels, multi-billionaire founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk, has revealed that the colonisation of the Red Planet could secure a getaway for the human race in the event of a looming apocalyptic scenario.

Speaking at a Q and A session in March 2018, Musk pointed to “some probability” of a new Dark Age, “particularly if there is a third world war”. His SpaceX project aims at keeping “enough of a seed of human civilisation somewhere else to bring civilisation back”.

“I think a moon base and a Mars base that could perhaps help regenerate life back here on Earth would be really important,” Musk said.

He is in good company. “The Earth is becoming too small for us,” wrote the late Stephen Hawking. “In the long run the human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet.” If we’re to survive, Hawking said, “I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth”.


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  1. Professor Brian Cox says humans will soon be living on Mars
    If you really want to live in a gravity well, Venus+50k beats the pants off Mars. Earth normal pressure, temperature and gravity plus an active ionosphere and thick atmosphere to shield you from ionizing radiation … and Earth-normal air is as buoyant on Venus as Helium is on Earth so you can do cloud cities easy.

    Of course you don't want to step off and fall into the hell at the surface, but otherwise it's the closest thing you're going to find to a second Earth. And you can harvest the clouds to build just about any kind of tools and vittles you could need … including more cloud cities …

    Meanwhile on Mars you've got hard radiation, no atmosphere to apeak of, microgravity, toxic dust, and temperatures colder than any place on Earth. Only a blinking idiot would want to live there.

    Of course a McKendree cylinder carved out of 16 Psyche beats Venus too. And a thousand of those beats just one of those … but the harshest deserts on Earth pale in comparison with Mars. The only sensible use of the 4th planet is turning its two moons into skyhooks …

  2. Humans are struggling with pollution and consumption of resources on Earth. Another thing to bear in mind is suppose a colony is successfully established and several generations born afterwards of course will identify as Martians as opposed to citizens of Earth. Interplanetary relations will need to be established.

  3. I assume that seats on the spacecraft will cost what only the rich can afford. Who decides which humans will be allowed to buy seats…from which countries, etc. Will politics determine seats like everything on Earth? What happens to the millions who aren’t allowed to make the trips? Specific plans, please?


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