Vast Majority of White Catholics, Evangelicals Support Trump Over Biden

1 July 2020

(Credit: Gage Skidmore Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Despite claims that portray white Christians as walking away from the Republican Party, they aren’t going anywhere.

Newsweek reports:

White evangelicals and white Catholics still overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump over former Vice President Joe Biden, even though both groups have slightly pushed back from Trump in the past three months.

Trump holds a 12-point advantage over Biden among white Catholics, 50 percent versus 38 percent, despite the Democratic presidential candidate being a white Catholic himself, a new Data for Progress tracking poll finds. Several surveys of voters released during the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd protests revealed that white evangelical support for Trump dropped by about 10 points – but pollsters and political analysts say an overwhelming majority of the group will come out in support of the Republican Party candidate on November 3.

Eastern Illinois University associate professor and pastor Dr. Ryan Burge told Newsweek Tuesday he believes the double-digit decline in white evangelical support for Trump between May and June was a “blip.” Trump will still win at least 75 percent of their vote this year, he maintains. Trump pulled in 75.8 percent of the white evangelical vote in 2016.

In 2016, Trump claimed victory over Hillary Clinton in large part due to the support of the white evangelical and Catholic communities. According to PRRI, more than eight in ten, equal to 81 percent of white evangelicals, supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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  1. For decades American priests and bishops have been brainwashing Catholics into beleiving that abortion is the only thing that matters when they vote.
    I grew up Catholic in India. We were taught that abortion is always wrong even if it is done to save the life of the mother. No exceptions.
    In India there is mutual respect for other religions. We would never expect people of other faiths to know, much less follow our beliefs on abortion and contraception.
    The fanaticism of American Catholics is astounding. I have been told that I am "not a Catholic if I support Hillary". "You are putting your eternal salvation in jepordy" for opposing Bush's war on Iraq. One of my friends was told that she would "face dammination" if she voted for Hillary.
    Trump could "shoot someone on 5th avenue" and they will still vote for him because of abortion.

  2. I have trouble believing that. It would depend on where the data is coming from. If it's from priests and pastors, it's not reliable. Many of them are on trump's Evangelical Advisory Board. That bunch would have no trouble fudging numbers. Also, if they tell their congregants to vote for trump, most of them will politely agree to vote for him, then go and vote for Biden or not vote at all.


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