Pastor Says Trump Was Chosen by God and ‘Should Never Be Criticized’

17 October 2020

Pastor Robert Henderson. (Credit: YouTube / screengrab)

Right-wing pastor Robert Henderson, who claims he ensured President Trump’s 2016 presidential win by beseeching “the courts of Heaven”, is now claiming in a video that Trump was chosen by God, and therefore “should never be criticized”. Right Wing Watch reports:

Trump-loving right-wing pastor Robert Henderson streamed a video on his YouTube channel Friday night in which he declared that President Donald Trump was chosen by God and therefore “should never be criticized.”

Henderson, who claims to have secured Trump’s 2016 victory by beseeching “the courts of Heaven” and asserts that he has been called by God to serve as Trump’s spiritual running mate in 2020, warned that Christians who are criticizing Trump are bringing “a curse upon our nation.”

Henderson said:

I promise you there is a curse on our nation, not because the secular world speaks against President Trump, but because the Christian world does. Because we are violating the laws of God, and we are violating the ways of God by rising up and speaking evil against President Trump.

People may not like his mannerisms, they may not like the way he does things, they may question his motives, but here’s the reality: He sits in the seat of the president of the United States of America, and because of that, he should never be reviled, he should never be spoken evil of, he should never be criticized.

Watch the video below:

On 20 September, Henderson claimed that he was responsible for the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg after he and other conservative religious leaders prayed for her passing.

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  1. This pastor belongs to the evil world and is promoting lies. There is no way God chosen him. Church business should be apart from politics. Tha is a dirty tactic and God shall judge you

  2. I would think Donald Trump shouldnt be scared of criticizm but question can he try to stand firm and believe there is a chance america can still survive the economy crisis through and through. i would wondered if like 300 dollars per of 100 millon tax payers money be used to pay for u.s National debts for example it woudlnt been so horrible some are just ignoring or are to scared of people not willing to accept that some need to give up some money in order to save the united states of america from falling and collapse in way you could imagine the reason the economy could crash is because of negligence of earlier u.s presidents except for john. f. kennedy he was brilliant if he didnt want to let growing debts and interest on debts on top of that making The united states fall to ruins and people robbing each other stealing from each other fighting each other and killing each other and many starving falogin:
    r more but the global power elite dosent care.

  3. According to the Bible, it is God who chooses ALL people in authority. That would include all the president’s we have had in America. Whether you support them or not is not the issue. Did you claim the same thing for Obama? Did you think your petitions to the Lord gave you the moral authority to demand blind subservience from the country? Just let God be God, and He will accomplish His purposes.

    • Nobody claimed any such thing for Obama nor made any “petitions to the lord.” You live in a democracy, and it is the people who elect our leaders, without giving any consideration to their religion. The founders of this country intentionally separated religion and politics. This is the country to which you should be loyal and honor the results of our free election.

  4. Pandemic, Brexit, wars, famine, floods, drought, pestilence, child pornography….. and Trump. I think God might be in over his head at the moment.


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