Supreme Court: The elephant in the room is religion

By Citrine2 | 4 May 2022
Daily Kos

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I need to preface this by saying this is in no way about religion itself, it’s merits, it’s flaws or whether it is right or wrong. It’s about the Supreme Court Justices and what I believe is a bias that is influencing Roe v Wade.

Since Justice Alito’s screed that was leaked, no one has mentioned the courts make up and the belief systems of the justices. Remembering there is a separation of church and state in this country, I believe the court has strayed into putting religion before country.

Today’s court has been stacked with right wing judges who are also Catholic. I don’t believe this was a coincidence. Right wing Catholic judges would be far more apt to vote on abortion the way their church wants them to vote rather than on the actual merits of the law.

So lets look at the court. Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Sotomayor are Catholic. Gorsuch is Episcopalian but raised Catholic. Jackson is a Protestant and Kagan is Jewish. So the court this summer will consist of six Catholics, two Protestants and one who is Jewish. I never believed Kavanaugh or Barrett when they said in their confirmation hearing that they would not let their religion influence their rulings. An angry Alito has proven that religion does influence his rulings with his hateful screed.

The leaked document is not a final vote. But it gives plenty of good reasons to make major changes to the court. It’s also high time to take a hard look at the justices in this case because it is so closely connected to religious beliefs. This is a right wing stacked court. The madness and nearly pathological need of the right to control every aspect of women’s lives has been going on for far, far too long and it appears that the highest court in the land is going to side with those who would continue to harm women.

It’s time to expand the court. The highest court in the country is one of, if not the smallest. The Ninth Court of Appeals is huge as are others. The current court is so small it can be hijacked by the likes of Mitch McConnell and become nothing more than a tool. Expansion of the court would help avoid that kind of malfeasance. Further suggestion: conformation hearings must also be changed and those who try to turn them into hate mongering circuses expelled and not allowed to vote. Enough is enough. There are many other ways to make the court something people could trust again. Just because it’s the Supreme Court doesn’t mean it’s untouchable. Changes to prevent hijacking should start at the top and I would love to see it start happening NOW!

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