In the GOP’s America, 12-year-old girls are forced to give birth to their father’s children

By TheCriticalMind | 1 July 2022
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“All cruelty springs from weakness.” ― Seneca

Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn is a 59-year-old man who thinks abortion should be illegal for a 12-year-old rape victim carrying her father’s child. He is a sociopath, unable to understand another’s pain. And a sadistic child abuser, who wants a 12-year-old to suffer now and for the rest of her life. I am sure Gunn does not think it appropriate to punch girls in the face, but what he proposes is exponentially worse.

Here is his reasoning as he explained it to AP reporter Emily Wagster Pettus

Pettus: “What about the case of a 12-year-old girl who was molested by her father or uncle?”

Gunn: “No, (the law) does not include an exception for incest. I don’t know that that will be changed.”

Pettus: “Do you think the Legislature should revisit that?”

Gunn: “Personally, no. I do not. I believe life begins at conception. Every life is valuable. And those are my personal beliefs.”

Unsurprisingly, this flint-hearted ghoul is an elder at his Baptist Church. There is a defect in the conservative mind that perverts Jesus’s clear call to look after the weak into a message of hate for the helpless.

He is not alone.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) is a doctor and politician. He is a passionate anti-choice advocate — for other people. Whereas some anti-abortion laws carve out exceptions in the case of maternal health et al. DesJarlais believes an exception should be made for women he impregnates. His ex-wife had two. And he forced an ex-lover, who was in his care, to get one. And there are probably others, as he ran his medical practice like a pick-up joint to have sex with his patients.

In Nevada, U.S. Senate candidate and former Attorney General Adam Laxalt called the Roe decision “a joke”. This heartless bastard thinks a court decision granting a constitutional right to half of America’s population is humorous. And it takes an empathy void to dismiss a potentially life-changing moment for so many Americans as jejune.

Some anti-abortionists are so extreme that even other anti-abortionists think they have gone too far. In Louisiana, State Rep. Danny McCormick proposed a piece of legislation that would have charged women with murder if they had an abortion. By a vote of 65 to 26, the House re-wrote the bill to eliminate the criminal charges.

Aligned against the measure were the Democratic, anti-abortion Governor, Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Right to Life, the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the National Right to Life Committee. But that did not deter McCormick, who maintained,

“This is a thorny political question, but we all know that it is actually very simple. Abortion is murder.”

He also slammed his fellow misogynists for not buying his sadism.

“We’re faltering and trying to explain it away.”

Nowhere is the sadism of the anti-choice crusaders more overt than in Texas. The state is already hell for poor expectant mothers. And it will only get worse if Texas succeeds in forcing maternity on its citizens. The following is from a New York Times article, Who Will Help Care for Texas’ Post-Roe Babies?

Texas is one of the most dangerous states in the nation to have a baby. The state’s maternal mortality rate is one of the worst in the country, with Black women making up a disproportionate share of deaths. The state’s infant mortality rate, at more than five deaths per thousand births in 2020, translates into nearly 2,000 infant deaths annually.

Texas opted not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which helped lead to hospital closures and the formation of rural health care “deserts,” where obstetricians are scarce and prenatal care scarcer still. More than a quarter of women of childbearing age are uninsured, the highest rate in the nation. Medicaid covers low-income women through pregnancy and for two months postpartum, compared with 12 months in most states.

The GOP is a cabal of Christian conservative sadists who care not one wit for life. They only wage war over women’s bodies to advance their brutish agenda of cruelty, barbarity, and inhumanity.

Jesus weeps.

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