Number of Americans who believe in God is at its lowest since at least 1944

By David Pescovitz | 17 June 2022
Boing Boing

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Since 1944, Gallup has polled Americans on their belief in God. Up until 2011, at least 90% of people in the US were believers. Since then, the number has dropped and it’s now at its lowest low since the survey began. According to the latest poll results, released today, 81% of American adults believe in God. No word though on how many Gods believe in America. From Gallup:

Belief in God has fallen the most in recent years among young adults and people on the left of the political spectrum (liberals and Democrats). These groups show drops of 10 or more percentage points comparing the 2022 figures to an average of the 2013-2017 polls[…]

The groups with the largest declines are also the groups that are currently least likely to believe in God, including liberals (62%), young adults (68%) and Democrats (72%). Belief in God is highest among political conservatives (94%) and Republicans (92%), reflecting that religiosity is a major determinant of political divisions in the U.S[…]

A follow-up question in the survey probed further into what Americans’ belief in God entails. Specifically, the question asked whether God hears prayers and whether God intervenes when people pray.

About half of those who believe in God — equal to 42% of all Americans — say God hears prayers and can intervene on a person’s behalf. Meanwhile, 28% of all Americans say God hears prayers but cannot intervene, while 11% think God does neither.

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