How Long Does Trump’s “Teflon Don” Evasion Of Justice Continue?

By Donald A. Collins | 10 September 2022
Church and State

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US District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Florida based judge Trump nominated has allowed him to exercise his standard playbook, abusing the legal system to delay pursuit of his alleged crimes!

Read the full story here.

It tells us in part that “In her 24-page order, Cannon sided with Trump’s legal team and said the former president does retain some executive privileges after leaving office — a stance that the Justice Department disagrees with. She also argued that Trump has interest in some of the property that was seized, noting that the Justice Department has said it took some of Trump’s personal materials that were mixed with the government documents.”

It gets more and obvious that Trump and members of his legal team and perhaps other helpers lied about what was taken in classified secret documents. Just like he lied about the election results starting on January 7th.

Read here about his January 7th statement.

I previously recalled the fate of NYC Mafia boss, John Gotti, long described by the NYC media as the Teflon Don for his ability to elude conviction. In 1992 with testimony from another mobster Sammy Gravano, Gotti was finally tried and incarcerated until for his cancer death in prison in 2001.

One wonders which of the many “Sammys” will opt to testify about Trump’s masterminding the coup to stay out of jail?

This Judge Cannon’s order produces an needless delay which allows Trump’s continued lying about his big lie in his stump speeches to his faithful core all the way to November 8th and beyond.

Meantime his legacy of corruption grows as the investigations in Georgia and NYC continue unabated.

And his racist GOP acolytes gather to mislead voters about how bad Biden has done when ironically their party wants to cut taxes for vitally needed programs which would help their MAGA voters.

Perfect example: VA Governor Youngkin is going to Maine to stump for former two term openly racist governor now running for governor again.

Read here.

This article tells us:

Plans to make a campaign stop in Maine by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is garnering criticism.

The Republican governor will join a campaign fundraiser to show support for former Gov. Paul LePage in Lewiston, Maine next Wednesday. LePage is seeking a third non-consecutive term.

Democrats in Virginia questioned why Youngkin would support LePage accused of making homophobic and racist comments over the years. LePage, who has described himself as “Trump before there was Trump” also criticized the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and believed the 2020 election was stolen.

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano, who has publicly criticized Youngkin since he took office, said the support from Youngkin is “sickening.”

As these assaults on voting integrity balloon around the nation, we can expect more Trump facts to unfold when the next session of the House Committee on January 6th Commission presents its further findings this month and likely makes its full report to the nation.

We can only hope the power of its findings which already strongly suggest Trump’s personal instigation of the massive coup will add to the Department of Justice’s own concurrent investigations that will finally lead to a DOJ indictment.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote” and “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?”.

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