Sobering Midterm Forecasts Puts Our Democracy In Deep Danger

By Donald A. Collins | 24 October 2022
Church and State

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The page one October 23 headline in the Washington Post doubtless captured the attention of millions of voters from both parties as likely predictive of the outcome of the midterm elections on November 8th.

The article suggested that “Inside the successes, missteps, and failures of Biden’s early presidency” there were sharp ups and downs of Biden’s 2 years, noting his Afghanistan withdrawal as a premier failure and stating his major successes as the distribution of Covid vaccines and his drawing NATO allies together.

However, Biden’s successes often seem largely unrecognized as record inflation has become the main issue for many voters.

Read the full article here.

The mood from Democratic optimism about many voting against the Roe killing, seemingly has abated according to another Post article of the same date.

Absent the extra turnout by young voters and suburban women, the article sees Republican Deniers of the Trump GOP winning both Houses.

Read it here.

Polling so far has been somewhat unclear. The final House January 6th Committee hearing on October 13th certainly proved the massive guilt of the former President and his insider co-conspirators.

Wyoming Republican Congresswoman and Vice Chair of the House January 6th Committee Liz Cheney in her interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on Sunday October 23rd made clear that votes in the midterms for Biden election deniers were votes again our democracy. A staunch conservative, she said her main goal was to keep Trump from ever being President again.

However, the failure to indict Trump by the Justice Department has left the door wide open for the election deniers and the Trump clones who like got massive cash infusions to spread their false versions of the truth.

One fundraising example is in Florida where Trump clone Governor DeSantis is running against former Republican governor now running as a democrat, Charlie Crist. DeSantis has raised by August $172 million vs Crist at $16 million, more than 11 times more than Crist.

Crist argues that DeSantis’s culture war doesn’t resonate with Florida voters, but GOP corruption gets a pass from many worried about inflation. It reflects the substantial numbers of sleeping voters on both sides who think our nation couldn’t possibly turn to the authoritarian future assured by the Trump GOP’s own messages and confirmed by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision killing of abortion choice.

Read here the disparity of campaign funding.

Both parties bungled the two past chances to excise the most dangerous President in our republic’s history.

Remember the House indicted Trump for his second impeachment over demanding the Ukraine President’s give him information about Hunter Biden before getting US aid?

A new book “Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump” provides a sad story of failed integrity by both parties which kept him in power.

Read the Post review here.

Such inspiring reporting as I have summarized here, requires courageous action based not on gaining political points but on fulfilling one’s moral obligations to do the right things.

Well, Folks, “Sic transit gloria!”. If you don’t get what that Latin phrase means, look it up.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote”, “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?” and “Will Choice and Democracy Win?”.

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