Dismissing Facts Won’t Prevent Trump’s Return!!

By Donald A. Collins | 12 December 2023
Church and State

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The recent comments from seasoned and respected journalists about Trump’s authoritarian behavior would likely if he wins a second term were dismissed with distain by two Wall Street Journal editorialists who seemed to be unable to see the truth or told that to write by their editors not to acknowledge the validity of Trump’s oft stated plans for an authoritarian or even fascist administration!

One 12/11/23 op ed by Allysia Finley entitled “Trump as Dictator Is a Classic Case of Projection” is subtitled “Biden and his supporters try to excuse and deflect attention from their own authoritarian actions” begins by dismissing the “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable,” by Robert Kagan, an editor at large at the Washington Post which was cited with accolades around the media and in our site.

Here are a few examples:

Her principal argument is “the portrayal of Mr. Trump as a would-be dictator, a textbook case of psychological projection, the process by which people avoid confronting their own unwanted thoughts, feelings, or behaviors by subconsciously ascribing them to others. Psychologists refer to this as a defense mechanism.”

That hardly provides a persuasive analysis of his closely reasoned 6000-word treatise.

Without further explanation of “projection” which of course applies equally to anyone including the author plunges into an attack on Biden, accusing him of what she argues were to her and her editors no doubt bad policy endeavors.

Specifically she mentions Biden guilt in trying get $770 million in student debt reductions (our national defense spending in 2020 before Ukraine was $721 billion). She then accused Biden for succeeding in getting substantial acreage of pristine land walled off in Alaska “from fossil fuel development” which Trump claimed if elected he as “a one day only dictator” would “Drill, baby, drill”.

She then mentions his failure to enforce the nation’s immigration laws which both parties failed for decades to address, but now surely do need urgent attention. Wonder if the GOP members in Congress will continue to delay agreeing to finding a way forward on border security? Biden has offered more funding. Seems as though the GOP wants to keep the immigration issue untreated so it can continue to keep their limited ammo to attack Biden in the coming campaign.

In short instead of worry over what Trump has already promised to do if reelected (to move to dismiss our Constitution and ignore our laws), Finley mentions only what are Biden’s policy issues not what Trump has promised to do, cause the loss of our democracy!

Finley does point out that “Some conservatives engage in projection too. Consider Vivek Ramaswamy’s questioning of Nikki Haley’s authenticity during last week’s debate even as he pandered to Trump voters. Mr. Trump derides his former allies as disloyal even though he turned on them because he couldn’t abide their dissent or criticism.

What Mr. Trump and his opponents have most in common is their determination to blame others for their own failings.” Ah, recall Mr. Trump pointing out that in the Charlottesville protests “there were good people on both sides”! That reaction was just an early indication of his planned route to ultimate power.

Read her whole tangled article here.

Were her editors pleased with her projections? You can send her your thoughts: Write to Alexa Corse at alexa.corse@wsj.com

Another regular Wall Street Journal anti-Biden critic, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. in his 12/8/23 op ed entitled “Never Trumpers Never Learn”. His op ed is subtitled “Their ‘dictator’ talk only invites more incompetent election meddling in 2024 and beyond.”

To suggest others are guilty of “election meddling” is so laughable I only wish it were instead of underling the fact of Trump’s attempted coup and his contusing bleating about election fraud, long proved false, just as his guilt gets more evident with every passing day.

Jenkins argues that “the Kagan essay in the Washington Post” could never happen. He says, “Work through its 6,000-word argument and try to discern how Mr. Trump, with his limited appeal to an uninfluential base, checks and balances, and a mobilized opposition controlling almost every establishment institution, is supposed to make himself a dictator, when, say, FDR, with the most powerful electoral coalition in history, a 75% approval rating, and a world war to fight couldn’t have done so.”

Indeed, Mr. Jenkins, American democracy is amidst new Civil War, with the balance of power held by a dishonorable party which can’t govern and will do anything as Trump’s performance demonstrates to stay in power. Dismissing the graphic testimony of two GOP’s principled defectors Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger or ignoring the huge case for Trump authoritarianism just doesn’t cut it!

Jenkins continues, saying “It makes no sense and isn’t required to. Mr. Kagan replicates the failed strategy of the past eight years: Donald Trump is so bad, we must lie about him. The lies are so obvious and easily discovered, though, they end up validating Mr. Trump’s critique of the establishment and win him more voters. In fact, the only way not to see Mr. Kagan as dotty is to assume he’s trying deliberately to justify civil disorder and unconstitutional resistance when Mr. Trump is elected.”

Oh, I gather you recommend voters should dismiss. “Lies (that) are so obvious and easily discovered”? Those pending legal cases offer daily refutation to Jenkins” above words.

Trump as the greatest Presidential liar in US history and the only one to attempt to block a duly elected President from taking office, the above quote approaches insanity.

Jenkins clearly ignores the facts when he continues, saying “Interestingly, the Post itself seems to have gagged Mr. Kagan. With an insightful and well-balanced news report a few days later, it not only gave (as the press rarely does) the complete context of recent overplayed Trump quips. It went out of its way to note that the “dictator” talk comes from Democrats desperate over Mr. Biden’s sagging polls.”

The “gagging” of Kagan for his 11/30 treatise by the Post management fails to mention another featured Kagan op ed on December 7th that offered sterling advice to those who might interdict the behavior of the integrity destroyed Trump MAGA GOP. He suggests as I do: Get the old guard of the party to tell the truth about what has happened. A George W Bush coalition which included James Baker and others—perhaps also some of those respected Republicans who testified at the US House January 6th hearings—might have a chance to awaken voters to avoid the impending disaster of a Trump 2nd term.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote”, “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?”, “Will Choice and Democracy Win?”, “Can Our U.S. Survive 8 Plus Billion of Us”, “Economic Growth: A Cancer on all Earthly Life” and “On the Precipice of Political Disaster in 2024”.

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